Being Happy or Not Being Happy?

#1, it is not a question.
We are all both.
We drift into and out of various states of happiness our whole life.
And, there is definitely lots of pain and suffering.

#2, always practice the attitude of happiness.
For example, I hate this job. But I am willing to be as happy about it that I can in this moment.
If it's really bad, create an exit strategy where your goal is to change i.e. Your job.

#3, Practice being both ways. Okay, I know I am cranky from lack of food, sex, sleep, etc. I will remember this or put it in the forefront of my mind and get to a safe place ASAP. GET SOMEWHERE PRIVATE, TAKE LOTS OF BREAKS, GET THROUGH THE DAY ANYWAY THAT IS SAFE, TAKE A NAP, EAT, AND BE PRACTICING AS MUCH HAPPINESS AS POSSIBLE THE WHOLE TIME.

Lastly, learn to live and love. And, none of us are perfect and only the very best in us will get us through the mess we create everyday. Always clean up after yourself. Being a human being is a very messy business.

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