An Optimist Speaks To A Pessimist

We want to be one, big guy.

We just have to take our time getting there.


What do you mean?

Are we going to work on it or keep putting it off?


We are working on it:  inter-racial relations, racial equality, women’s rights, poverty programs, drug programs, free education programs, student-teacher meetings, globalization, green economy, the list is becoming more comprehensive and the goals are becoming more realistic.

We will have our set backs, but we keep improving over time.


Is it working then?

Are we becoming unified through experience, strength and hope?  Or is it all a scam and waste of time?


There are always lessons to learn from our mistakes and no matter how better we are in the world, we will continue to have mistakes or problems and it may look better/worse depending upon the moment.

The answer is yes, we are better.

We still have scams and sometimes it does feel like a waste of time.


The Beatles were right, ‘things are getting better all the time.’

We are all only human after all.


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