One Slip And I’m In Caca

Virtue is a practise:  let go of desire!

Power is a vice:  don’t ask for anymore.

Answers are part of the problem, don’t get caught up in Q&A.

Yet, it is good to make thinking a habit.

Do your best and make it work for you:  this is a responsibility.

Yet maybe, your best hasn’t shown you the way.

Don’t give up because you are in a blind alley.

‘Follow your doubt’ is an easy direction but a difficult job to do.

The ‘razor’s edge’ is a common enough description of this kind of truth.

But pain allows change, and growth is the better part of change.

‘Just one more’, may not work for you.

Give it up.

Mindfulness will help with the acceptance.

Doing one thing at a time is a good idea.

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