A Writer’s Dreams and An Individual’s Responsibility

Like ancient Babylon, Wikipedia is a reference library where you could look up everything.

Don’t confuse Wikileaks with Wikipedia, look it up.

They claim to be nonprofit and ask for donations.

People like me, give to them because you believe in the idea.


What is the idea?

It is not power, but it is powerful.

It is not wisdom but it is knowledgeable.

It is not desire, it has a kind of truth and beauty.


“You Could Look It Up”, by Jack Lynch expresses the idea with passion and in an entertaining way.

Do you collect or read Dictionaries?

Are you a Bibliophile?

Do you have a love of knowledge?


Freedom is a way to even the playing field.

Tao like water, has a confluence which allows many things to penetrate or to penetrate many things.

Never hesitate to ask for help, yet the fear of being wrong or the desire for knowledge tends to block all our ways.

Transparancy can protect me from myself and others, I need to help and collaboration is an important way to demonstrate it.



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