The Cynic’s Way

They father everyone (or mother),

everyman is his son, every woman is his daughter.

This is his regard or how much he cares for them.

He lets them learn by making their own mistakes.

Further, the cynic’s body should be in great shape.

He needs a cleanliness that is rugged and attracts others.


I Solitude

Keeping connected with one’s inner world facilitates learning, thinking and innovation in this state.


II Law Of Nature

The best way to mimic God is to look and learn the rules that nature follows.

Water always runs to the lowest point.  It is a simple way to express the art of humility.


III God, Messenger Of

Teach your children when you are fully grown.

Learn to keep your house in order.


IV The Way

The way is everything.

The way is nothing.


V Calm, Still, Silent.

To be the student learn to teach.

Know your mind.  It is your library.

Be able to control your self.


VI Civil, Constant and Calm

A civilised man or woman is at home wherever they find themselves.

To find yourself is to know yourself.

Being the same all the time is keeping a good habit.


VII Rest and Relax

All the above is easier said than done.  That is why it is an opus.

A fruit will take some time to ripen before it is good to eat.


VIII Stay Vertical, Walk Hard, Hard Optimism

Be available for mobility, and practice walking to exercise all parts of the body mind and belief.

Practice the optimism you believe through all your ups and downs in life.


IX Inner Peace:  Quiet time is Important

Learn to meditate.

Be a Master Learner:  a teacher.


X Wake Up!

Don’t get in harms way.

Accept the information in the digital age, but don’t let technology take over your life.

Have a mentor:  alive or dead.


XI Purpose Is To Father Self (And Others Like The Yourself)

A cynic is not a god, an old man with a beard, a cane and a satchel.

But he will follow the right way to be with everything in his being. 

It will kill you or leave you maimed if you are not called.

Test your resolve before deciding to embark on such a mission.

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