Solitude With Care And Attention

There are many memories I have about being solitary and yet full of sense and wonder.  I don’t consider it a bad behaviour because I write.  My care and attention to what I read and write extend to the way I live and learn.  I am just rereading Solitude and A Return To The Self.  It is described as an insight to common sense.  And this is my definition of Solitude.  It is all about slowing down to be with yourself and returning to some common sense.  Perhaps, the writing I do needs to be about this topic.  But I can see it encapsulated in books like A Man In Full by Tom Wolfe.  I highly recommend either one of these books as a stepping stone to some good solitude.

Like most people I find little time or desire to ‘gaze at my navel’.  But like most people I tend to spend many hours doing chores that afford me time to notice my personal state of mind and choices and decisions I am making on the day-to-day basis.  I think I read books like the above to add fodder to my actions (be they behaviors, feelings, thoughts, beliefs or other).  I practice using common sense but the outcomes are not always on the mark.  My mistakes are like sign posts that I notice from time to time.  In this way I can work out some of what I need to do.  I want to learn from my errors, but I trip up as much or more than everyone else.

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