Peace and Poverty

What?  Poetry  can encapsulate the idea.  Leaders bring inspiration and followers.  Foundations can guide and moderate money.  Yet, people can change the outcome.  If there are enough people, anything is possible.

People are poverty.  There are 500 million in the Sub Sahara alone.  People are peace.  The world has many people who espouse peace.  Where is the work being done?  What are the issues:  The global work is mostly done by the west and many individuals do poverty.  No wonder it is described like a disease.  Every one of us has the fear of poverty because we need to work for a solution.  Where and when and who will do it?

Like any issue of conscious, blowing the whistle is the place to start.  Poverty is just another form of abuse that we are all guilty of committing in some form or another.  My favorite is avoiding work.  Or going in debt.  I believe each time I take responsibility for my mistakes I take one more step to a better personal economy.  It helps to talk about the issue and discover the best way to express it.  Being a good listener is important when it comes to identifying an issue that is so painful and abstract.

What are the rules?  I like to think  of the rules of prosperity for a moment.  My good friend use to tell me that it is only money changing hands.  This phrase expresses a whole philosophy around how to be prosperous or how to handle money.  The same is true of poverty.  It may be obvious to you, but sharing seems like an important rule to me.

How and when do we share?  First, I think we have to make sure it is safe and healthy to do the job.  The work is really just another expression of living a healthy life.

So, enough with the empty platitudes.  I need to get back to work.

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