This is not a critique on a Musa Dieng Kala Film

I guess this is a rant.  I went to do laundry at my apartment this morning to find a young man and women sleeping in this room.  I believe our economy is starting to pick up because of many reasons.  But when I hear that over 500 million people suffer in poverty in the sub Saharan Africa,, I wonder.  There are so many people from this region that only have exile as an option.

I have always wanted peace and to prevent poverty.  I work at both.  It helps to be born and live in a rich culture and country like Canada.  There is a lot of change that produces problems abroad in places like Africa,  And I see changes happening in many places around the globe.

To echo the call for no nation to be abandoned is a start.  Here in the west, we are focusing on resources.  And we see water in the Sahara.  Who knows what can be accomplished with Africa when water may be mined to improve the global ecology:  Yet, past attitudes towards this country has not helped the economy or culture.  It is difficult to find a way to support Africa without harming people and resources.

Africa today is the important key to change.  People from Africa talk and write about major problems in their country,  The key issues underlined in this well written essay point at poor education, foreign interference, and poor leadership and corruption.  We need to communicate our desire to support and accept the ways Africa wants to change. 

Perhaps, a blog like this can be supportive.  I am learning more about the people and culture around the planet.  And I know everyone is doing the same.  As a student, I believe in listening and learning and good communication.  I hope people follow my lead and watch this film called Has God Forsaken Africa?  Our local library has a copy.  And the national film board has a cite:

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