The Odyssey Of Dido

Ah, but the sorrow, melancholy and pain that life can present a woman of means and opportunity.

Her beauty speaks of the stoic, but her emotive is just such a sojourn of grief and loss.

The talent will bring success and therefore opportunity.

And the accomplishments that only fame deserve.

Her ship sails idly around the world to find a safe port.

Yet, all evades a life that is held captive in a willing prelude to despair.

Freedom can not be rented for anyone.

A life can gain fortune and fame without love.

Think of hate to understand these powerfully negative emotions, but don’t act on them to gain fame and fortune.

Dido is clearly being held hostage with an existential guilt for all her talent and oppertunity.

Yet, she serves as a warning to all men and women, “Don’t sail these rough seas, many a shipwreck you may see.”

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