mountain near river

Photo by Daniel Gorostieta on

A soloist, some one that climbs alone.

This can change with a sex partner, an injury, coming back from living alone, away, etc.

The addiction, vice, or high risk taking,

The journal is all about the climbing experience each day.

Sigh, when free soloing, 20 or 30 people die,

Most people pushing those limits are aware that they will die.

Do you have a tired amygdala?

Maybe you have enough practice climbing to make a decent solo climber, not!!!!

Small, tiny edges, the 2 point balance holds you, El Capetian!

Spraining a foot from a 30 foot fall, go climbing to fix it.

A girlfriend helps me through many injuries,

Ankle injury, Free rider is 3000 feet of crack climbing,

And it all depends on a good ankle.

Now with people, babies, feelings, touching, I seem like a real person.

Perfectionism is a must:  good enough is not good enough.

I don’t want to die, but perfectionism…

Free solo is the ultimate!

A 30 foot fall, summersault off an over hang.

After the piton pops out, life flashes in front of my eyes, then the safety piton holds.

Falling 16 feet off a cliff into a bed of boulders:  I walk away!  Good luck!


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