Singing and Playing My Guitar

I love to create, sing and play folk guitar.

I practice my craft for fun, pleasure and release.

If I gain a little reputation, I will forgive that small conceit.

The work involved is worth the effort.

The pain I cause is never better.

The mess, the waste, and time is getting better.

I can’t afford to make this letter.

There are followers and fans that like my stuff.

People come by to listen.

I’ve found a way to entertain.

I can’t forget what’s risen.

My truth is really something special.

The talent is plain to see.

But I’m not in this to claim a prize.

I just need a little time to realize.

My life is precious to many fans.

My presence is asked for with many requests.

But people don’t understand my best.

I’m doing all this to live ‘the good life’.

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