Philosophy 101

Aristotle is one of the original western thinkers who bring knowledge and wisdom to our culture and way of living in the west.

There is an ongoing argument about the need for virtue and introverted people in our progressively ‘appearance orientated’ society.

People who are quiet and unassuming are labelled as shy and ashamed and lacking in one way or another.

We all need help and support when shame and shyness become over whelming.  But this should not preclude people from being thinkers and calm and contemplative in their nature.

There are looming political issues or a need to be politically correct due to the highly diverse and sensitivity in our society.

In the arena of politically correct the introverted individuals make the extraverts look bad.

But our differences compliment each other and need to be embraced with the same political correctness.

The issues may stem from newer knowledge, science, education, justice and economy.

These frontiers of newer knowledge need new philosophers who think and contemplate the issues.

Like the philosophers of old:  Socrates, Epictetus, Plato and Aristotle,

This is a good time to contemplate and practice philosophy in your day to day affairs.

We are all able to participate in society,

Regardless of our roles, sex, ethnicity, orientation, age, religion, point of view, intellectual interest, knowledge, or ways of being,

Let’s try to work together in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

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