Concrete Change

The situation is high risk because the move is big.

To leave something and replace it with a search for something is very difficult when it is a job.

Quite literally the change is about going from a known quantity into a job search that will change my life.

The resources make it possible, but the consequences can leave me broke or in debt.  There is a temptation to panic and take the first opportunity that comes my way.

Quality of life is almost a joke.  To find balance and peace during a big change seems difficult, but without the routine of a steady job and income, I rely on good habits and the absence of work to give me the resources to practice core habits like a good night sleep, a good workout, healthy food, a healthy routine.

Using my time and energy that are freed up from the last job will help me renew my life style.

In a way, the job search is a full-time job.  The steps I take on the day-to-day basis are important.  I need to look and decide what to do each day.

Wake up and apply for work.  Take courses to find work.  Apply for the resources needed to get the job.

What is a wise way to use my time and energy?

Having and using a philosophy to change is something on every one’s mind.  Is it helpful or a time to use a better philosophy?  Self improvement is everyone’s goal.

So, the experience is had sparingly because it is not done without purpose. Right or wrong it is happening.  The awareness of this change will bring acceptance and some understanding and the outcomes will be based on my skill, the need in the market, some real luck and sticking to the job of a long hard search.

Wish me luck.

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