Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.

Presently, I am in transition.  I’m on my way to being a wine maker consultant (of the kit variety).

I was a production worker for the last ten years (of the wine kit variety).

I was a night pool serviceman for 3 grueling years (ten at night till six in the morning).

I worked as a City of Edmonton employee from 1986 till 2003.

At the City, I worked as an Industrial Wastewater Inspector.

At the City, I worked as a technical assistant in a wet chemistry lab .

At the City, I worked as an Archives Aide.

I did a stent in Edmonton as a Reservation Clerk for Triple Five Corporation, for four of their Hotels.

Briefly, I worked as an assistant manager for the Europa Gallery at West Edmonton Mall.

I love to Bike, Hike, and Write!

I have done the latter most of my life.

I’m white.

My bark is worse than my bite.

I was a student naturalist, ecologist, and Teacher’s Aid in Biology.

I spent a year or two at University.

I’ve been to Camosun College, UBC, UVic, UofA, and Athabasca University.

I love philosophy and living a healthy life.

I’ve done other things too:  firefighting in the bush, lots of star-gazing and working as an assistant manager at a campsite out near Qualicum.

I’d like to avoid being a starving artist and work at everything I know how to do.

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