If By writetothepoint1960

If I can work through loosing my head when I am honestly stuck.

If I can learn to regain my trust when I have lost it.

If I can wait, slow down and become calm to regain my patience,

Or when I lie, stop lying,

Or when I hate stop hating,

And not act too good or proud,

If I can stop making dreams my master,

If I can stop making thoughts my aim,

If I can treat success and failure the same.

If I bear to refrain from twisting the truth,

Or watch the work I have done wasted but reach out and retask it for further use.

If I can make one heap of all my wealth and risk it on my belief for a worthy cause.

If I can use the last drop of my life strength when I only have my self-will to hold and use.

If I can talk with people and remain myself,

If I can walk with authority and remain calm,

and not loose my common sense,

If I do no harm to others,

If people count with me but not too much.

If I can stop when I start to hurry and worry.

I will earn the treasure in life worth having and be a true adventurous human being.

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