Make It Happen (International Women’s Day 2015)

Epictetus says bravely that the purple stripe that is the garment’s brilliant hem.

Being willing and able to work for equality in a society that is not so willing and able to afford it.

Being willing and able to ‘stand out’ takes many forms of courage that is not encouraged by the bulk of our humanity.

To have been granted the freedom and the power to work  peace of mind (in solitude) may seem like a strange thing to do when all around you are blaming you.

To oppose an accommodating convention is not rebellion.

Flash forward from 1911, by all means call it progress, but don’t stop when it is your turn to do some work.

Keep renewing your energy while all that opposes equality strikes haphazardly in your direction.

Endurance is not a four letter word.

No form of violence is acceptable.

Is living your passion possible?

What say you?

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