Rape, suicide, addictions, murder and other crime in society!

Is there any sense in complaining about the way society allows the individual to be harmed?

Is it silly to blame institutions for our problems?

Why can’t we be more compassionate to the victims?

We have media that characterize the problem using rhetoric of lawyers.

We have professionals claiming it is not their problem.

People are getting sick and tired of all the abuse.

Sociologists tell us to give the victim a voice.  And they engage us to help with their study.

Whatever happened to the religious ethic, ‘love they neighbor’?

Is it obsolete?

I say, “Don’t let the mess of humanity jade you from showing a little compassion for yourself, and family.  And by extension we will allow ourselves to learn how to’ love our neighbor’.

Step by step, ours is to question ‘why?’ and to rebuild society in our own image.

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