Humour Is Canadian

Can a little ditty about ‘British’ spelt words be taken seriously?

Rant on about American English verses British English, humor verses humour.

As a Canuck I have a split personality between British dry wit and horsing around American style.

Serious humour is best when playing with danger violence and disease, but a campy style can aliveate things when they get too serious.

None of the above explains my preference for the American spelling of humor.

I can say I have been in too many funny American moments.

Our American friends are dangerously funny: Donald Trump, anything remotely considered American violence, and huge demographic and population differences make our Canadian perspectives much funnier when we cope with what is said and done in our country to keep neighbourly without loosing sight of our sense of ‘ha, ha’

Humor or humour, I will bow to the official Canadian spelling, you may use your best choice,go with whatever brings a smile to your lips.

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