Sleep deprived because of gallstone pain, what do I do?

Spending more than I make, what do I do?

Can’t seem to change, what do I do?

So, I write this poem to you.
What do you do?

Do you find a way to work out your worries?

What do you do?

Can you manage the lifestyle you choose?
I struggle with money, and purpose, and drive.

I manage my resources and thrive.

I polish my image and attract the best for me.

My work is never done.
Are you in the same boat, roaming about.

Do you do the same mistakes and ‘figure things out’?

Why all the mystery, boredom and doubt?

We work all our lives, I ‘figured’ that out.
Yes, we toil and struggle with moods and mistakes.

Yes, we make things work in our cumbersome ways.

Yes, we have what it takes to do ‘no harm’ in our lives.

Yes, we worry and hurry, but follow our hearts, the best way we know how.

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