Have you ever tasted Saffron?  This is the correct spelling for the word.  I know how important it is to know the spelling of a substance you may or may not know much about.  Have you ever heard about the nutritional or herbal benefits of the spice?  The jury is out on this one.  I guess further study is needed to be more conclusive.  You may want to pick some up to give it a try.  I’m going too.

The trick is to buy it when it is red.  The redder the better.  And you can store it in the fridge in vinegar and it will be ready when you want to cook with it.

Fish and rice are the obvious choice dishes for saffron.  I’d like to try it.

Maybe, I’ll make some up on my day off.  I got so interested that I brought the topic up to my relatives on Facebook.  There is a lot of information and the spice seems worth looking into for me.  I believe the best price is about 12 bucks for a quarter of a gram.  This is plenty to use for cooking a few dishes and to store in the fridge.  My local food market sells it.  I’m sure it is easy to buy in the downtown area.  Check it out:

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