I took this survey.  It was fun thinking about all the services, utilities, and aspects.  I live in Victoria, B.C.  I said the greatest thing about living here is the people.  I may get my wine made at the Winemaker.  I may love to hike at Goldstream National Park.  But I wouldn’t even be here, if it weren’t for the people.  I have relatives and work.  I have a nice little apartment.  And I think about all the experiences I have had over the last 50 years.  Half of the time I spent in Edmonton, Alberta.  But, most of my growing up was done here.  Who knows I may enjoy the people here for another 50 years.  But it was kinda fun to fill out this monkey survey.  I discovered a lot of likes and dislikes.  And I have a better feel for the place I live.

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