Engaging With Death

Floral arrangements can be a cheap trick, why can’t you lie?

What are your true intentions besides the bouquet of roses?

How big can a white lie be?

When you lie to yourself, you sell yourself short like you are selling me short.

You must intend harm to yourself and me.

If I can withhold that intention, I will not harm you or myself.

What is better, health or sickness?

Trick question, mistakes are made.

You may be conscious of your intention and do no harm.

Imagine being good and knowing it.

To know death is to examine my own or part of my own death.

Imagine being dead and knowing it.

Good is not death and death is not good, at least not by imagining and being and knowing it.

Is this dance with death the allure of a lie, of harming one?

It helps to see yourself, your intentions, your good, your lies, your dying.

When I see another lie, I see my mistake,

When I see another harm, I see my mistake, my harm, my death?

Stretching my imagination takes practice.

I need to get to know myself better, without harm, by doing my best.

No worries, I won’t miss many mistakes, but a few.

Perhaps, I will live a good long life with the good, bad and ugly.

It will still be worth the trip.

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