Death and Dying

Cicero believes it is laughable to entertain anything beyond the physical Universe. He says as much by defining terms. Your soul dies, or returns to the Devine. Either way the self dies. It simply does not matter, pardon the pun. The point is that he takes on death directly and says it is unimportant and nothing to fear.

Cicero’s way is a philosophy to keep stoic ways flexible and to allow death and dying to remain the same philosophically in today’s culture.

Can you control death?


Should you fear it?

My advice is to sit with your fear until you recognize there is no reason to fear death and dying and to wait long enough to be free of acting in any way that may harm you or others. It is worth learning to work out any impulsive urges you may have to harm yourself or others. My job is to do all the above. It isn’t something you can set a time limit on or should procrastinate on.

I personally try to work on it a little each day. So, serious enough? Practical?

(Note, the above ideas are my own, and if you interpret them in a way that harms you or someone else, it is out of my hands, at best I give them a PG rating or worst, a R.)

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