Exercise and Melanoma

There is exercise,nutrition and sleep that helps our body function at the best capacity.

If the path our lives differ due to circumstances, then our treatment there must have small adjustments based on the nature of the changes due to the difference of circumstances.

True, melanoma will require medical treatment like cycles of immune therapy.

The side effects or symptoms brought on by the treatment will alter how we adjust our exercise, nutrition and sleep.

To continue with specific example will demonstrate these generally but are not to be taken as habits to adopt without supervision and your doctor’s recommendations.

Our sleep can become disrupted by depression and anxiety that all illness will accompany due to physical changes to the body and various alterations to states of mind.

It is best to do our best and do no harm. This means to stay the course of our routine each day. I will continue to get up and go to bed the same each day. Even when I am restless and have less sleep due to my anxiety and depression.

The same can be said about exercise and nutrition. I will keep standing, moving, exercising and working and playing like I am able. This may reduce due to my energy level. But doing my best will help produce some benefit without spoiling the total benefits of exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Please watch the lecture bellow for detailed information on this topic.

Awareness is key.


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