I Wish To Die

Not now and not before my time.

When nature calls, I know she will do no harm to me I am not willing and able to accept.

I don’t wish to harm myself or others.

Nor do I wish harm to befall me.

But I realize, I can not control my body, or other externals.

And I am perfectly sane, I just believe it is to go gently into the dark night.

Death need not be the enemy.

As a friendly reminder of my mortality, he may show me dignity and respect for myself and others as we age and loose control over our bodies.

This does not stop me from seeking guidance for good health in all my affairs.

Death speaks to me like my imagination, it is insightful and vigorous.

It says, you are willing but not so able as you use to be.

Fight for your rights, but don’t needlessly harm yourself.

Live life to the fullest but don’t throw it away on self harm or the harm of others.

I am seeking out any wisdom that helps me be calm, still, silent and at peace with life (therefore death).

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