‘Canary In The Coal Mine’

Climate Change/Global Warming/Environmental Change

Truth of the matter is hard to see, we are in trouble with climate change and have bought the whole package because we are procrastinating about our problem.

The truth is about garbage and pollution and the degree of damage that will lead to expensive and irreversible changes in the planet.

Can’t we see that the more we change/fix our problem now the cheaper it will be in many ways.

dry, boring, and hardly anyone is willing to scale up to this world problem with a world change….

Traditional Year Of Grieving…



Yesterday marked the end of a traditional year of grieving…

victoria day parade is over – Google Search

victoria day parade is over – Google Search
— Read on www.google.ca/search

Back to regular CHECK TV programming for today, want to watch it again?

Lots of fun had by the whole family,

Looking forward to seeing the parade next year.

It’s official: the Victoria Day Parade is returning this May after a two year hiatus

The 122nd Victoria Day Parade will officially happen after the event had to be cancelled the event in 2020 due to the pandemic.
— Read on www.victoriabuzz.com/2022/03/its-official-the-victoria-day-parade-is-returning-this-may-after-a-two-year-hiatus/

It’s back for your enjoyment.

See you there or watch the highlights at home on the news.

Windshield Wiper Poop Continued…

It is a normal thing now because of the number of people trying to dispose of pet poop.

I have wondered why people are putting it on the outside of their car or vehicle.

I usually see it on the rear wiper blade, it is an easy way to hang the little pet poop bag.

Obviously, people don’t like the smell in the car and it is not always easy to find a place to dispose of the pet poop.

Hence, there must be some information people are trying to find.

Pet Poop Information Bureau