Self Absorption

How does society show it?

War, poverty, and personal safety may be a sign.

But the individual will get the ball rolling.

People may come together who are self absorbed or not, there is no rhyme or reason to it.

The current events are just the tip of the iceberg, it is more like chaos and mayhem.

When we get a lot of self absorbed people at the same time, it is because events that occur align with our personal problems.

We all need to do some old fashion ‘pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps’ before we loose everything.

I am always grateful for a helping hand at this point.

Ode To Healthcare

the damn online survey,

What is the point?

A hospital stay is a hospital stay, what else is there to say?

My feedback is my response: pay them more and hire more, end of story.

My melanoma is my melanoma, I am doing my best, and I wouldn’t even have a chance with out our healthcare.

Bottom line is to put your money and time where your mouth is.

Doesn’t mean I am going to start filling out 2 hour surveys every Friday night. Just say ‘in…

“To Sir With Love”

For all who believe in the youth of this world.

A chance to show and tell to practice non-violence.

To share the confidence shared in this life.

To acknowledge, the ups and downs in each,

Even when they are expressed through a younger person’s point of view.

Thinking about the love we have now is a truth that will gain trust, respect, and a fondness for all.

Although dated, this classic is very universal.

Paul the Apostle – Wikipedia

Further information: Historical reliability of the Acts of the Apostles
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Paul lived a life that was full of recovery.

He learned to experience virtue or to think about love and do no harm.

He is the important one to transmit this into western thought.

To study the way is to study this source.

He expresses the proper use of impressions very well.

Life is very much embedded in these forms and thoughts.

Yet, it will only work when applied to live each day.

And it is also important to live this way in today’s world.

Inside A Life

Fight hard to keep awake to avoid autopilot.

Clear the mind and move the body.

Make your own decisions for everything you are.

Habits: engage, exercise,eat, sleep, study, move, posture,

“Keep Calm And Carry On”. AFRICA!

Do your best,

Past the test,

Challenge, engage, less is more,

Curiosity: keep: calm,safe,,moving and engaged with life.