Dialogue On Plato

Plato, Trump, And ‘The New Tonight Show’,

What is going on with the elite?


Who is moving on who?

There is no shortcut to leadership.

It will cost people. And society is already covering it up.

Plato had a theory and Western Thought has and is still held together by the same forms and principles.

Getting to the source will put a smile on your face…

It can be said that Plato is a joke. But it is a challenge to lead without a clear understanding of his ‘Republic’ and ‘Western Thought’.

If you can watch the show above and be unaware of the irony….


Is it good for you?

Check out the article if you are pregnant, have medical conditions like diabetes or kidney disease.

Watch out if you are going for surgery or other extreme situations.

Education is key.

Please support the effort and read for yourself.



Are you being altered by your cell phone?

Do you get distracted by it?

Do you use it too much?

What else?


Be aware.

Be courageous.

Be compassionate.

Try stopping yourself from using it throughout the week.


Eating is altered, how?

Emotionally, mentally, physically?

Socially, societally?

Support yourself through absence, use and proper use of impression.

Support through intermitting fasting, resting, sleeping, exercise, nutrition and living a ‘good life’ or in the best way you know.

Find a balance through positive change to repair your ‘altered’ ways that cause harm.

Living a the good life is ‘doing no harm’.

Don’t concentrate on that thought, feeling, action or belief-unless it will go and do no harm.

Be calm, still and silent.

Find a good life socially, in a society or a world citizen way.

Please support the effort.

Education is key.

Listen to your doctor and watch the vid bellow.

There Is Some Politicking With COVID-19


Opinions vary, but the left and the right are showing off to people all the time.

Call them who you may, the COVID-19 crowd may be a conservative taking selfies with protest leaders or liberals mocking those who do.

But you may want to stay informed about COVID-19 politics.

It is time to rejoin society in most aspects.

You may have always been a little apathetic about ‘the vote’.

Education is key.

Please read the above article and stay informed in all your affairs.

The Challenges Of Being

The courage to be.

If a coward, stop and try to be a hero.

The compassion to be.

If hateful, fill your heart with love.

The self-awareness to be.

If unknow to yourself, bring your mind to bare on yourself.

The thought to be.

If ignorant, fill your mind with being.

To be or not to be,

Remember, do no harm.

Be calm, be still, be silent.

Practice thinking about love,

Practice being a hero,

Practice love in all your affairs,

Practice being aware of yourself,

This is the proper use of impression or living the good life.

To do this even when you are altered is a good way to be.

Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits and Risks

Chlorophyll isn’t just helpful for plants. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals that may help your health, skin, and weight loss efforts.
— Read on www.healthline.com/health/liquid-chlorophyll-benefits-risks

Something to think about like parsley and other greens, since there is an important relationship between Zinc and copper balance, chlorophyll may help that side of the scale, but always be careful with supplements.