What Are You Trying To Do….?

There is no substitute for good ideals like compassion, and courage and the pursuit of truth and contemplation.

The meaning of life is not a secret.

These ideals will make you more alive.

Some will want to pursue a system too abstract or too ideal.

This system is called contemplation of the self.

But these ideals can be corrupted by counterfeiting and end up harming yourself and others.

So why bother at all?

It is good , during formal education to think about and ‘try on’ ideal to live a good life.

At best you will be happy!

At worst, you will get on with your life.


How Do You Want To Drive Your Body?

I have always believed the most important question to ask, when trying to understand how to operate the human body is “how does the human body regulate itself”.

Analogies like a car may help put some stuff in to perspective.

Measuring what we but into the body will help us find answers that work for us.

Sleep is good. I use the pillow app and it has allowed me to monitor the amount of sleep and improve my sleep over the last couple of years.

So having a dashboard, as David Sinclair says, is a good idea. Start measuring anything you put in your gas tank and make informed decisions on good data.

Intermittent fasting seems to be a helpful stress because it allows the body to turn on defense systems that help the body fight disease and aging.

Basically, intermittent fasting helps improve your healthspan.

You can make many more good decisions to improve your lifestyle and help yourself and close friends and relatives live a healthier more productive life.

Education is key.

This vid or podcast may help start you on a path to better health and a better lifestyle.

Facing My Fears

I become easily distracted when I am tired, overworked and afraid.

I don’t feel alone with my impulses, procrastination and other odd ways of getting burnt out by my fears.

I have been breaking down my work into smaller bundles and doing them on the regular basis.

I have made my motto, do my best each day and do no harm.

I like to monitor myself with helpful habits: sleep, eat and rest and relax.

Lately, I have blogged less and slept more.

I am starting a new journal and plan to blog once a week till I catch up with my other job, duties, tasks and education.

Sunday seems like a good day to publish and once a week is also a good place to start.

We all loose sometimes…on death and grief


I have lost much and gained even more.

My sense of grief in complex and dying too.

It is best to open the door for those that wish to start at the beginning of the process as soon as they are willing and able.

If you are ready, consider the vid above, it is a gentle entry of a man who has shared his story very publicly….

The Ideal Parent


Okay, I am an old man.

61 years old, stable, boring, calm, routine and reasonable.

I believe this is the role of all good citizens.

And to a great extent, so we’re my parents, and their parents…

But this is only a role. To get to know my parents as people has taken a long time.

And I am happy to say my relationships continue to grow.

To all the good parents or anyone trying to play a good role in society but still grow real relationships, bravo!

It is tough staying sane and hard to act like a good person.

Congratulations to all of us that keep on faking it till we make it.