Time To Consider That Third Jab

The authorities are recommending use of the vaccine.

The best case scenario is that everyone get 2 shots and go for a third one.

It looks like the Canadian campaign will ramp up to support a third shot asap.

Curiosity about the new omicron variant and the possibility to tweak the vaccine to improve it is seeming like a good thing.

Hopefully, these are early days and the ‘Third Jab’ will wait.

Are you going to get a third jab?


Canada Is The Best Place In The World To Grow A Business

But not according to this economist.

The National Post says otherwise. There seems to be some doubt as to the reliability of the Liberals, foreign investors, Covid-19, and much much more.

As a nation, we are in trouble.

We need innovators more than ever.

What is stopping us from growing a new economy?

We need to take a hard look at our problems and start finding workable solutions.

Business needs to take the lead and innovate our way out of this mess.

So, whoever can be convinced to do business, lend money and build solutions to the awful mess we call Canada, let’s make a deal.

With that said, I mean I need to step up my game and find ways to contribute.

What about you?

The Beginning Of The End Of Climate Change

Environmental disease is not much different from human disease.

A lot of the problem comes from pollution.

Pollution is more evident as garbage.

Sometimes changes to the environment doesn’t look like pollution: the current way we live is harming us and others.

It helps if we see it in the way it harms us. Poverty and disease harms us.

The environment is getting poorer and sicker everyday and so are we.

But there is hope.

We are learning to change our unhealthy ways.

Check out the vid bellow.