The Emergence Of Nonviolent In A Life

To practice inner peace is to practice non-violence in life.

The balance between self and others comes from using inner peace to live a good life.

There are many teachers in philosophy to help one find balance in life.

Suffice it to say, be compassionate to the self to find the least harm and best way to live.

Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Socrates all demonstrated this by keeping the process private.

They did not expect others to use writings or diaries to promote a philosophical or ways to develop each nonviolent life.

But to practice your own way of peace based on your own emergence from within yourself.

This is so in religion like all major sects that supports self development.

A secular practice is emerging as well.

Humanity will develop in this direction, but why wait?

There is no bumper sticker or slogan for a good way to live because to actualize it means to follow that which emerges individually and a community of like minded people will be organic.

It is worth mentioning for awareness sake.

It’s hard enough to do for yourself.

You need not go any further.

That is the sense of philosophical wisdom that emerges for each of us.

Do Your BEST And Do No HARM: Violence

Put a name and face to violence and practice doing your best and do no harm.

You need to be a student and practice each day to do your best to identify your violence and do no harm.

You need to practice each day, weather you find your violence or not.

Violence will not leave forever, it helps to prepare for the return of violence by identifying it and doing your best to do no harm.

The Face Of Violence

A father visits his daughter in prison.

He attempts to help her but gets beat up.

A special woman and her little girl, loves the man.

They all get harmed by violence.

The daughter hangs herself.

The little girl and father go after a young man that is the reason the daughter is in jail.

Both get beat up.

The woman hates her little girl getting hurt and acts violently towards the father she trusted with her little girl.

Everyone is harmed by violence.

Climate Change

There are a few key points in the article above.

1. IPCC says carbon dioxide has gone up 40% since the beginning of the 20th century.

2. Climate Change is always changing. What’s different now is the rate of change-and the reason behind it.

3. When we put it all together…we find that now it’s unequivocal: “Human influences has warmed the climate,”said Nathan Gillette.

There is a good deal more discussion about this early next year when the next two chunks of IPPC report, looking at adaptions and mitigation.

Meditation And Contemplation

I am a meditation and contemplation practitioner with leanings towards both east and west.

To me, there needs to be a field of awareness like mindfulness in the east and a western version in the west.

Christian,Buddhist, Taoist are examples where meditation and contemplation have made it clear we must find our way through different languages and traditions in our respective locations.

But we are caring and sharing as we do it.

To stop hear in the west has been a round trip for me.

I am just beginning to see how impressive our lives are in any place.

It is important to practice the healing that meditation and contemplation can produce through a regular practice.

I am not religious or spiritual but I believe we are bigger and better organized with the healing outcome of living a ‘good life’.

I tend to take a more philosophical approach to living my life.

Perhaps, a little awareness will do us all a little good.

Nutrients And Deficiency

It is worth eating well and often.

A balanced unprocessed food, properly prepared, and eaten in moderation is best.

This habit is a top ten habit for healthy lifestyles.

In today’s world the challenge is difficult at best. Perhaps a friendly reminder may be in order?