Good People Are Always Happy

First, read and write, research and study…

If you need one book, “CICERO: On the Good life”.

Put all your inclination to be known into living simply, compassionately and patiently.

There is much aversion here, how can one love a life of contemplation?

Especially, the job of taking care of oneself, who will be the teacher and the student?

If you need wealth, let it be books, journaling, writing, reading, researching and study: to learn to read and write.

Not for their own sake, but for yours: do no harm to yourself or others.

This aversion is the starting point, the here and now of being spiritually alive.

Take your spiritual job and make it your own: call it by a name.

To take care in this manner requires a great deal of help.

Teachers will come out of the woodwork.

You will find many resources.

Your time and energy will be repaid a thousand fold.

Translated with an introduction by Michael Grant.

A great read, ready for application by those willing and able.

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