The Cast of Culture

What web cast thee to capture civilization in the west?

Surely, it is not as noble as the east?

Atlas hold the earth on his shoulders.

Whose shoulders bore the Latins beside law and religion from the west?

But does this proclaim Roman law and religion to be myth?

Look deeply at the roots of democratic law and the dominate Christianity.

Are they not steeped in Latin and their myth?

Are not all cultures in the world shrouded in myth?

Ask yourself, is not most you hold as truth coveted by myth?

It takes a strong leader to penetrate his own cultural myth and a world leader must be a philosopher king.

I am only the messenger,

Don’t crucify my image with your rage.

You are no fool.

But it may be time to be ‘woken up’.

Remembering 911

Seriously, September 11 is the commemoration of a tragedy that will not be forgotten.

The very best and the very worst and a lot in-between are cause enough for our compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Much has been said and will be said, for this is the 20th Anniversary on September 11, 2021.

We all will do our best to support the memory of this event and offer our condolences to the family and friends of those who suffered from this senseless attack.

Happiness As Seen By Psychology

The study of the mind reveals that happiness can be applied to life.

Positive emotions seem to aid the brain to set for the motivation and behaviour necessary to pursue the habits that increase happiness.

An attitude of we vs I also aids positive emotions like compassion towards others and an outcome of happiness.

Education is key, please watch this vid and consider applying key elements to your lifestyle.

The Crown And The Glory

The Olympic Games, drew crowds large and wide.

All came to compete in the games for a crown made of wild Olive.

It is here, in Greece, that progenitor of cities that see the genius (a philosopher) had invented to gather people to celebrate and barter for goods from far and wide.

And till this day, the games, move us as a people, to live life to the fullest and to assemble for trade and to live the ‘good life’ that philosophers from ancient times (sophoi) called cities.

To think about love is to be wise.

Do we need to think about love…?

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group

Women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief | Universal Rights Group
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Groups are forming from various points of view, different secular or religions, to help resolve complex issues.

Please support the effort.

Islam Literacy?

Who are we trying to understand?

What are we trying to understand?

Let’s try to make it about people by learning about who people are in conflict from here or there.

Invitation To A Good Life: my home, my book, my journal!

A book

Can you find a way to be happy?

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

Perhaps, it might help to choose a home?

Shall you live in the city or the country?

It is dangerous times, perhaps a stronghold in the country is best?

I personally have come to live downtown since 2006. I resided in another for some 25 years , but all the same.

My bachelor pad is spartan. It has a balcony which is its chief value.

I have transportation parked inside a gated compound which I access from my apartment.

My place has basic furniture and the necessities of day to day living. And I keep a few devices like my computer, e-reader , cleaning-eating-sleeping-exercise are all done in personal comfort.

I have my home office from which I do my work, study, research and journaling.

My book is my chief study. (I will list it above in a picture.)

My journal I will declare as my chief investigative tool that allows me to build a good life.

All these private matters are just a belief I have that will ‘invite’ all those who choose to listen on how to live a beautiful life.

‘Seize the day,’and do the same!

Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid: Perfect Recipe – August – 2021

With cost savings as a reasonable goal, you can use an alternative windshield washing fluid with more money left in your pocket.
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It is as good as the stuff used to clean windows in the house.

Good to throw in the alcohol in the winder to prevent freezing up.

I will do my best and do no harm to fall asleep…

Sleep is organic, and it is good to get in touch with it.

That’s it, “The Effortless Sleep Method” by Sasha Stephens.

A clear, simple book about being a sleeper each night in a healthy way.

At first glance, the book may appear to be for insomniacs.

It is, but we can all use a reminder on how to sleep well, and the author captures the idea very well.

Do yourself a favor and read, reread and reread this book to become your own best sleep therapist.

If for no other reason than to meditate about sleep in a healthy way.