Nutritional Food Vs. Big Companies

What is the medical answer to finding a better way to live?

There are a lot of problems, but to help everyone is a public health matter.

The Americans are thinking up good ways to shine some light on the causes or the best arguments for change.

Curious? Watch the vid. Strap in the time limit may force you to break it up into smaller pieces.

Hollywood Crap

Am I cynical or sick?

Typical romantic , action/violence,unrealistic,basic cartoon bull shit.

Premise: do no harm….

The victim will not recover so easily or at all.

The hero will not win so easily or at all.

People are scared to death of such violence and who would not be when that out of control.

Yet, the movie, shows control and order in an otherwise warped, crazy, unromantic and much more violent, victims of victims reality.

Where is our compassion for those in reality?

Where is our respect?

Don’t get me wrong it is fine to be entertained and escape reality.

But keep track of your ‘soul’.

I will do no harm.

I will do my best.

I Don’t Know, How We Can Do So Little And Stay Sane

There are reasons to live.

There are those we love.

There is mastery that takes a life time to perfect.

Why do we turn away?

There are first our own hearts and minds to mend.

This alone takes a lifetime to accomplish.

But we have our family and friends.

Perhaps, they are less a reward and more work to do each day.

And yet, there is more to do.

To forget a community or a group is not all you may say.

Least we forget we are citizens of the world!

Explore your mind and heart.

Yet we live, perhaps we are poor.

But if we believe, we have much we can do.

To do and be, all we can be.

The Problem Of Suffering

I believe in the preventative approach to any part of living.

A medicine or good habit to help with any ‘up and down‘.

There is no finite answer, no absolute, but there is modulation and collectivism. There is also individuation.

Simply put we are stuck with our own experience and what we are willing and able to learn.

Suffering is a part of living this life.

Then, as a stoic there is always the option to heed the ‘knock at the door’.

This is an individual decision.

Ethics are complex.

The way of people vary in group and number and the potential can be exhausting to approach an answer.

Even a simple answer for the individual.

As much as loving and caring can bear.

But as one who has suffered many states of mind.

I highly recommend living within ones limits and accept and give help often.

Lifestyle Medicine: The Health Promoting Power of Daily Habits and Practices

Lifestyle Medicine: The Health Promoting Power of Daily Habits and Practices
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Do no harm, live the ‘good life’.

Practice the ‘proper use of impressions’.

To be human is to be conscious and we need to be mindful and present to live a good life.

It is up to me to decide whether I will make good choices and make a good practice to live a good health span.

To find a confluence with philosophy, preventative medicine, mindfulness and being present to do my best each day is a mouthful.

So, read the article and find the best way to live your own life.

Wildfire is a fact in Canada.

And it doesn’t seem to be going away or getting better.

The air quality is poorer due to smoke.

Best to be aware, please support the effort.

The Stillness

In the west it is the stillness.

Doing your best in the moment.

In the east it is the way or Tao.

It is going with the flow in the river of life.

Perhaps, Greece is a place where east meets west.

For there they say, “I practice doing no harm and the proper use of impressions.”

How do I do stillness?

I am present and experience as much of it as I know how.

Here I am listening in the present.

This is a start to listening and learning to be present.

Next, I act in a way that does no harm, for me it is easier to act on aversion, while letting go of desire.

I go for flow in all my affairs.

I act on the things I have learnt to be a chore or my job.

With this in mind, be mindful, meditate.

Live in a way that does no harm.

There will be many up and downs, but I want less and less.

I am learning to do my best, more and more.

Is this a life worth living?

I believe it is a ‘good life’.