Who better than a witness, a victim or a human being,

Check out what people need to know and discuss about being alive and fighting for a better life.

Rights need representation and a voice.

Support the effort through education and awareness.

Think about it.

Riots in Lebanon over economy injure 10 soldiers, protesters – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Riots in Lebanon over economy injure 10 soldiers, protesters – The San Diego Union-Tribune
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There is unrest due to poverty and fear, over economy, worst in the world, worst in the last 150 year.

Awareness is key.

Please support the effort.

Why Quebec Is Good For Canada

There is soul in Canada.

She is romantic, a smart, elegant, sassy lady who turns all the heads but doesn’t get the respect she deserves.

There is a soul in Canada.

He is a bit of a farmer, but a good business guy too. He is smart, level headed and a little over confident or is that not to sure of himself? He doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

She uses the proper impressions to make this country what it needs to be.

He uses the proper impressions to make this country what it needs to be.

Yesterday, they met at a party and got into a big fight.

I hope they make up.

Because Canada needs this couple to work things out, to keep the soul of a nation thriving for the next century and beyond.

Let’s not stereotype any part of Canada anymore…

Happy Canada Day 2021.

To all our stakeholders, ethnicity, cultural beings, we are individuals, communities, large groups of ethnically unique peoples, we need to struggle and strive to keep this country alive.

Best regards to us all….

7 Tips For Trek Poles In The Wild

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Do you want to try it?
  1. Use them at the right height. Neutral ground, keep elbows at right angle.
  2. Use poles to push off or slightly behind you. Insert hand through and over ribbon safety holders and grasp handles.
  3. When walking up hill for long periods of time, try holding down farther on trek pole.
  4. When walking down hill for long periods of time, try holding top of poles, in front to slow and stop decent.
  5. May want to purchase Trek Pole tent and poles.
  6. May want lighter weight with clasps and cork handles.
  7. Find the right trek poles for you, they will support you and preserve your energy and flow on the trip. They are designed to improve overall balance, strength, and experience of the walk, hike, or exploration.

A Taoist or Stoic Approach To Fear

Philosophy, applied with good practice can heal all wounds.

Perhaps, it is safer to say that Taoism and Stoicism have much in common and both approach the practice of overcoming or ‘dancing with fear’ (by Paul Foxman) in much the same manner.

To build a practice which will benifit the practitioner is best.

The Taoist uses central or core principles like ‘compassion, simplicity and patience’.

Specifically, it is best to follow what science can prove is best.

The lizard brain is practicing fight and flight all the time in a black and white way.

We can over ride this part of our brain as we become conscious of our fear and identify it specifically for our situation.

The frontal cortex allows us to make decisions in a much greyer or rational way.

We can also exercise our motivation to excite and engage our opportunities that are sometimes identified for us by our lizard brains or feelings of fear.

Most of us can identify with situations like procrastination, inability to commit, or a number of other common humanly problems that tend to create a fight or flight response.

Stoics are more akin to cognitive therapy which helps us build practices from which we are apt to build even bigger learning opportunities.

Philosophers like myself identify concepts like these and create an experiment of one to find skills that also mimic applied psychology or philosophy.

I suggest books like Dancing with Fear: Overcoming Anxiety in a World of Stress and Uncertainty by Paul Foxman and Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu and Discourses and Selected Writings by Epictetus.

Sometimes, mistakes happen for a reason.