Sleep Help (without sleeping pills)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy to improve your sleep for 5 years.

Staying asleep, often anxiety wakes us up, therefore, ‘learn to relax and relieve it in good ways’.

Be compassionate, don’t stay up, listen to an audiobook or meditate in low light, whatever works, then go back to bed when you feel sleepy.

Be your chronotype, if you suffer from sleep inertia, use temperature (have a hot drink in the morning or when you start your day), use exercise (have a 3 minute stretch routine in bed when you start your day).

Help yourself use sleep without short circuiting the natural cycle.

Learn about sleep and use good habits to support a good sleep habit.

Healthspan Vs. Diseasespan

The second half of your life depends upon you.

Are you willing to look for some good habits while you are healthy to enhance your healthspan in the second half of your life?

So, can you reverse the problem?

Much of our age depends upon our cellular health.

One key to a better healthspan is to make good choices and decisions in regard to living a good life.

Throughout our bodies we find many different kinds of cells that renew.

When many cells get old, diseasespan increases.

One thing that caused old cells are worn out telomeres.

Some of this can be reversed by doing a variety of things with your lifestyle.

These things everyone knows about but not everyone will do them: meditate, exercise, eat fresh whole foods, trusting and helping others (cooperate and collaborate), keep kids safe and healthy, keeping your own telomeres stable will pass them on to the next gen and make your healthspan better.

Stay tuned to many other ways to have a healthy lifespan.

One Piece to the puzzle

NASA Mars Was Live 1Hour Ago…

Mars Helicopter data will slowly trickle in due to its large distance from earth.

The atmosphere is less than 1% of earth making it difficult to acquire lift for flight.

Please tune in to support the effort on the link below.

Morning Habits To Improve Lifestyle

To do list like things that can be done: laundry, dishes, etc.

Energize yourself like stretches to get out of bed and stretches to get out of house.

Schedule the all of the things that are actionable.

For example, schedule getting up early and going to bed at the best time every day of the week.

Use your purpose in an affirmation and visualization.

Be grateful for all kinds of things actionable in your life (make gratefulness personal).


Bond with people at home and work and in the community: Spend time with an aging relative, time with coworkers, with neighbors, etc.

Clean up from the night before (organize home office) and other personal messes like making bed, cleaning up dirty dishes. Make sure it is specifically from the night before.

Be still or silent.

Read the important things that happened the night before in a specific way: positive events that are important to living a healthy lifespan.

Please watch the vid below to see the artists vision and affirmation bellow.

Had My Shot Today


You may want to reinforce your decision to get a shot like I did and watch the vid above.

It feels good to have had my first shot and I am looking forward to getting the second shot within 4 months.

Is it a good idea? I have a job and family that requires me to think of prevention. And as a son, brother, friend and co-worker, I am doing the responsible thing.

I am encouraging most people I know to get one.

I want to get beyond all these restrictions and get back to some kind of normal.

I think this will help.

Proper Breathing Brings Better Health – Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
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Do you want to learn more?

To be a proper breather, it may take more than awareness.

Like most good habits, it may take practice.

What’s stopping you, here is a place to get started, find a better way to breathe.

Why not read the article in the link above?

Is Popcorn Lung Caused By Vaping?

Deep breathing is associated with better health, yet the busy pace of life and sedentary environments have conditioned us to only take quick, shallow breaths.
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Breathing is good for health span.

Awareness is good for your health.

Education is key.

Please support the effort and read about it.