First Time Wearing Mask At Walmart And On Victoria Transit

More of The New Normal.

Masked Man

The bus already asks, “Please wear a mask”, well on-board the bus. Face masks will be mandatory as of August 24,2020.

Funny, my iPhone doesn’t recognize me.

As I entered Walmart, I overheard a lady and man, “I have a mask in the car” and “Do I need a mask now?”. “You can get a mask from the host as you walk into the store.”

Well, back on the bus, back home and off with this disposable mask!

Welcome to the new normal.

The Philosophy Of Consciousness

Awareness is consciousness.

I am awareness.

Or I am that I am like in the Old Testament.

All religion goes into this idea of being aware.

There may be more than an object reality.

If this premise is true, we can be aware of our awareness in a non duality way.

In this sense we can be aware of awareness and aware that all is awareness.

This philosophy is born out of a sense of permanence and the infinite we call consciousness.

Without a objective reality, we or I is awareness and flows within itself in ways that resembles a reality with objects and subjects, but is really agents of consciousness that is the source of all.

Awareness is here now, permanently, in a stable way like a flow.

Because of this sense of flow, all the stops and starts and fades or emerging is now our experience.

The element of our experience that is present is awareness.

We or I is awareness.

Sensation and perception disappear when I rest or sleep or when I am at peace.

The limitation of language make words like aware limited to that of a noun.

For this reason we may express awareness as a space or field.

‘Being aware’ is a better phrase to express the knowing element we call awareness.

What I have has no objective reality or nothing.

In this sense, I am nothing or everything.

We all know we are aware.

What is the ‘we’ and ‘I’ that knows awareness?

The same ‘I’ is our primary experience.

Or I am aware I am aware.

I am not objective. I don’t do anything, I am conscious.

This is not Devine or a cosmic experience.

This is simply how each of us know our experience.

This is a way of being or a way of being conscious.

These words are essentially the same: awareness, conscious, being, knowing.

The way has no objective qualities-it is self-aware.

Our true nature is everything to us. Because we need to be what we know.

Science is attempting to learn the true nature of consciousness.

The mind-body and world depends on the nature of consciousness.

We need to go to the source and ask what is it’s true nature, and that awareness of awareness is “I am that I am.”

This is a concession to the objective finding mind.

The source of attention is absent from attention,but rather a relaxation of being aware.

Am I aware?


For thousands of years we have been asking what is consciousness.

And it is becoming a fundamental question to science.

All other science is breaking down because we have reached the conclusion we must answer this fundamental question to move forward.

The hard question of consciousness will be hard to prove, but we all have a subjective sense of it.

Perhaps it will take a thousand years to find the answer.

Some Say Contrary, Others Complimentary

The blog above is about optimistic philosophy and a way of being that reflects optimism.

However, the Dalai Lama says it quite plainly, “I say to people that I’m not an optimist because that, in a sense, is something that depends on feelings more than actual reality. We feel optimistic, or we feel pessimistic.

I believe what the Dalai Lama is saying above. But I love philosophy and life. The rationalist in me is learning to learn and learning to live. Perhaps, I have room for a little more feelings like optimism and pessimism.

Happy Blogging.

So, I am a card carrying optimist…

In the real world we all have mixed opinions, feelings, experiences and a lot of unknown stuff.

In the optimistic world, it is difficult to overcome this realism, but the philosophy of Leibniz states “the world is the best of all possible worlds”  There is a framework here to look at the big picture.

For me to learn realism, skepticism, and process self-doubt is a starting point of my process.  I know there are many other aspects to life that will help me ferret out the truth, meaning and purpose.

So, to argue may not always be necessary, much less arguing is advised to help remove some violence from the world that needs less violence.

I am a work in process, I argue, I learn and I live the best I know now, my optimism is growing!

The Chain Of Transmission

To get therapeutics and a vaccine will take time.

But right now we have a role to play by practicing physical distancing and staying away from each other physically (people outside your bubble).

We all agree to work hard on all the above.

Education is key.

Please support the effort.


“The seed of wisdom.” Chogyam Trungpa

Solitude is beautiful.

But no one will escape loneliness without a teacher.

Become aware of what is behind the mask,

And help others become aware of it.

At times to run seems like the best solution.

Or to hide out with others.

Learning about solitude can teach you a thing or two about isolation and being lonely and being in that body all by yourself.

So, don’t think for one second you can hide any of it by wearing a mask.

But today, COVID-19 and ‘the mask’ is an important symbol of loneliness.

And more of us need to reach out to others with the tools of our survival: physical distancing,self-isolation, masks, gloves, even toilet paper.

No one ever said loneliness had to be just loneliness.

Sometimes it can be creative, curious, fun, associated with helping yourself and others by learning to ‘do no harm’.

Are Masks Going To Be Mandatory?

We wear a mask if we are sick, caring for someone that is sick, feeling uncomfortable without one, when in confined spaces where physical distancing is unlikely and when society thinks or believes it is a good idea.

Lately, buses and Walmart think it is a good idea.

Lately, Governments are thinking it is a good idea.

Public opinion is becoming more conservative as this blog becomes published,

So ya I think we are at a tipping point.

Will there be a run on masks?

Who knows, but just think toilet paper, hand sanitizers and gloves.

I would like to see a run on ‘peace of mind…’

‘Live Long And Prosper’

be prepared to give a few things a rest and live moderately,

be ready to fail and learn from small failures to overcome it,

be proactive and use your skills to practice the common sense in the list below,

be your best self….