Killer Attack Cells

Sleep is the most important thing you will do well.

And the 007, special assassin cells that kill off cancer cells are important to the immune system.

Guess what else is affected by a lack of sleep.

Point being, we need to learn these reasons sleep are so important and start taking sleep more seriously when we loose it.

Become a sleep nerd, and learn to sleep well.

Triumph And Disaster (‘those two imposters’)

I quit looking for perfection.

Competing for success sucks when it costs you good people.

No amount of material gain makes up for pain and suffering or harm to myself or others.

I like keeping my small failures and small successes.

I’m not looking for a ditch to lay down in or some golden ring that makes me a winner.

To build a relationship with myself and others, is all about learning from success and failure, to correct my mistakes and make a life while adjusting to changes.

I believe in keeping my stuff small and manageable and building on a good foundation in all my affairs.

Kipling said it best “If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same.”

Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge scheduled for August 30 to celebrate national parks – 9to5Mac

Next Apple Watch Activity Challenge scheduled for August 30 to celebrate national parks – 9to5Mac
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I completed mine this morning by Walking to to get my groceries.

It took me 45 minutes to walk about 1.6 Km.

What about you? Maybe not an Apple Watch Activity Challenge…

Sleep, The Most Valuable Thing You Will Learn To Do Well

Okay, you can sleep like a baby as you grow, as long as you don’t fall prey to bad habits.

You can’t sleep on the regular basis for many reasons. Here are the top ten.

  • the room is too light, it is best to wear a sleep mask or sleep in a dark room.
  • temperature is too hot or too cold, try a blanket when it is too cold or try a warm shower an hour or two before bed if it is too warm.
  • don’t eat snacks or eat too late, to be safe, stop eating 3 or 4 hours before bed.
  • don’t go to bed too early or too late, stick to a schedule, in time you will find the nuances like feeling tired enough to sleep or going to bed on time.
  • exercise moderately each day, the energy you use to exercise releases adenosine into your body which promotes sleep each night.
  • don’t use devices too much, sometimes the blue light or the stimulation makes it hard to prepare for sleep.
  • meditate 25 minutes or more each day, it can help you improve mood swings among other mental health benefits.
  • Journaling will also bring order and information to hand that will help with goals, asperations and mental health.
  • nutrition or eating well will improve the health of the body to perform all tasks better, including better sleep.
  • read, write and research to be a life long learner.

When, I cut out the journey to learning these 10 habits, it removed the value and appreciation from the story. To uncover the top ten may take you half your life to learn well. Hope you make the trip.

If nothing else, learn how to live these 10 habits. They will teach you more than good health.

COVID-19 Meditation

Develop a feeling of stillness and solidity for this practice.

Develop a path that is dedicated to yourself as well as working with others.

The sitting meditation is the starting point to become aware of yourself, environment and others.

There is very little difference between sitting and standing or laying down meditation.

In fact, awareness is a meditation practice throughout life anytime, any place and anywhere.

So, why not meditate about COVID-19 and become aware, find a balance with your ups and downs and let go of excessive stress, anxiety and fear.

Be present today during the pandemic and make a mindfulness practice of it.

Do no harm and prevent harm.

Let go of confusion by practicing awareness throughout the day.

Disrupt the chain reaction by interrupting ‘hurry and worry’ to become habitually mindful or aware of the present.

Let the good, bad and ugly be present if and when it is present.

Don’t do harm, prevent it.

COVID-19 is nothing if not confusing, present, stressful and abundant.

Allow yourself to be in these states of mind sometimes rather than trying to deny or avoid them.

Learn to take the good with the bad, but not to react or harm yourself through lack of awareness and a lack of being present.

Find the strength to start a meditation practice and you will never want to stop due to the unforeseen benefits.

Learn to discipline the mind while being whole as a person with less desire to act on compulsive or negative states of mind.

Masks Are Mandatory On The Bus

“Please Wear A Face Covering”. this sign is still on the B.C. Transit.

But at the bus stop there is a new sign, “Face Masks are mandatory.”

As of August 24, the BC Transit will require face masks, and exceptions and exemptions are available online.

I am getting ready!

WorkSafeBC issues “heat stress” warning amid rising temperatures across B.C.

WorkSafeBC has issued a reminder to employers and workers about the risk of developing heat stress when working outdoors.
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It is obvious but can be overlooked when we are busy.

The last couple days and weeks have exhausted many people.

I for one plan to rest and relax more this week.

Trust And Taking a little risk…

COVID 19 will be getting a vaccine soon, will people get on board?

The relationship between the people is being strained at the moment and we need to start building trust amongst ourselves.

Think about it.

Please support the effort.

Comfort And Joy

COVID-19 will drive some people to try new things: religion, philosophy and maybe a good habit or two.

In our culture, there are many traditions that keep us safe and of sound mind.

I get comfort and joy from keeping my life clean and organized with a few good habits.

I like philosophy, photography, research reading and writing and even a little arithmetic (Geometry and algebra).

People turn to things like chores and good habits for good rest, comfort and joy.

Best luck in all your endeavours.