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Vivaldi wrote his concertos in the spirit of the universal.

You know that catchy program music you can’t get out of your head,

Back in the day, the revolution, produced some pretty original sounds.

Life itself is being programmed for all to ‘see’.


Fact sheet on alcohol providing key facts, who is at risk, ways to reduce the burden, WHO response
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There is growing evidence that suggests all alcohol consumption by people is harmful.

There are still a lot of culture to hide or distort the value of even a social drink.

People seem to have past experience with alcohol that makes it worth social or personal use,

The science behind alcohol is that even in small amounts it can cause harm.

For people interested in the facts, World Health Organization has a link above.

Perhaps, an educational approach may result in better understanding of the harm alcohol consumption does to individuals and society at large.

COVID-19 And Future Monitoring…

Great way to signal health problems around the world and very helpful here in Canada.

A Soldier’s Way Is Our Way

There is a saying, ‘life is unfair’.

To examine the hopelessness of the world is experienced without prejudice.

If you want to change, ‘watch, listen and learn’.

Motivation can help the willing, practicing this SEALS rules and they will show you hope and help you find the changes that are best for you.


This is a dialogue between me and my soul.

[I]  How is transparency education?

[Soul]  Symbols are a code for the truth, interpret them.

[I]  Why don’t you show me these symbols?

[Soul]  Can you not see, can you not read?

[I]  I struggle to do both.

[Soul}  Learn, read, write, research, study!

[I]  I am a failure.

[Soul]  Don’t listen to those imposters, ‘failure and success’.

Be transparent about the data, facts and how to move forward to a brighter future.

HOOSAIE Part II (Homelessness Of Our Social And Individual Existence)

He is speaking about ‘truth’ like it is a currency or a medicine. It’s not a way to heal. The ideas withheld are going to heal us.

Transparency is education.

When we start to learn the truth,

We will learn to heal.

Transparency is being able to see how education is a helping tool.

To teach us how to think, how to live, how to be. (“How to” is spontaneous, real, living…)

You may not find success or experience the ultimate failure.

You may learn to stay away from that desire.

You may use your power to heal.

Homelessness Of Our Social And Individual Existence

Fate walks with death when threats to our existence exists.

Oh pandemic, why remind me of my fear of homelessness?

Why anxiety rips at my substance:  mind, body and soul.

How dare society or any individual face fear so squarely in these horrific moments of unknown quantity.

If my brief anxiety should disengage me from my ‘courage to be’, it is just a feeling from which my loved ones give support during the good and bad times.

Yet, this brief encounter may help me see what richness lies in awareness, courage, being, confrontation with that which negates life.

Carl Jung says you have a choice.

You can use psychology, religion, or philosophy.

That symbols hold the truth,

You can’t eradicate free will,

‘To do no harm’, learn to heal using philosophy.