Improve Your Life: What 10 Things Should You Do Every Day To Improve Your Life? | Time

1) Get out in nature You probably seriously underestimate how important this is. (Actually, there’s research that says you do.) Being in nature reduces stress,…
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Think about living in the moment each day doing the above ten things.

Preparation is key, become aware, make use of mindfulness and meditation, after all it is one of the top ten.

Sometimes we can’t do one of the top ten because something is in the way, another way to prepare is to remove the problem, but just remember to do no harm.

Diet, Exercise, and Sleep Are Great, but 1 Thing Matters Even More for Your Health |

Everyone knows about diet, exercise, and sleep, but studies show there’s something even more important.
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Happiness is being connected without harming myself or others.

Taking the time to connect with family friends and community goes a long way to building a robust lifestyle.

Learning and living the good life is a philosophical approach to doing no harm.

Developing good practices like meditation and mindfulness bring inner peace when stress occurs in day to day living situations.

So, it may be more important to be happy in this sense or being happy in this sense means the rest will follow.


…Is a form of rebellion.

It’s a duty to change the world like ‘The Beatles’,

They started a new fashion or way for young people to dress.

Go to a museum and learn about the history of change.

News is new change.

We may find the news a challenge but it is here to stay, we need to survive and learn to adjust to the ‘new normal’.

All of us are doing it now with the elephant in the room.

Good luck with change.

Marijuana: The Black Market/Humour/Murder

This is a good movie:  The Gentlemen.  The topic requires less entertainment and more of a reality check.  But reality, crime and the ugly underside of humanity is better kept for another day.  Perhaps (the movie) a little obtuse, but very happy watching times!

Please check out the movie on your favorite movie rental service.

(That’s a pretty fucking good movie!)


Universal Guaranteed Income in a first world economy might help those who need it, want it or fall into it.

To me, it helps more than it hurts, a preventative to poverty, disease and starvation.

There is fear and doubt that this is true and I am willing to listen and learn about this issue because I think it is beyond political politics and enters the fringe of health and safety!

Social commentary may prove to be a weak support for the cynic in all of us, but I think not for Diogenes.

He is my champion for determination and a drive to overcome adversity. For those that lack knowledge of his story, it is worth considering why he may have fallen so low. Both his father and himself were blamed for defacing the currency of the time, that was about 2000 years ago.

If there is any truth to this, he may have found solace during his great fall, after all, did he not resign all control and depend on society for his every need. I go further, and say, is not a little of the ‘Diogenes spirit’ in everyone of us….

Paradoxically, he became a ‘dog’, part wiseman, part scoundrel and above all, a human being.

I believe we can all benefit from a healthy dose of cynicism on any topic.

And wisdom is even more useful in deciding about a universal guaranteed income,

Yet, I am skeptical about the topic, logically, Diogenes did borrow from society’s purse and some would say it made him a better person.

What say you?

Too Many Bumps Or Mood Swings

I’d call any kind of emotional outburst (negative emotions) a mood swing or a bump.

With Corona, I generally get more bumps than usual.

I have made it a practice to take a mood swing or pump moment to calm down and take stalk of my state of mind.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Having faith in myself and others is part of my day to day well being.

When I take responsibility for an emotional or mental health problem, I am taking care of myself to do no harm.

I call it buckling in to corona. And I need help and give help to my friends, family and co-workers.

See you in the new normal!

Joe Public Vs Mr. Society: Respect

Joe Public: Six things I do, whenever I desire respect from society.

Mr. Society: Poor Joe, did you loose your job.

JB: You think anyone is expendable, like a used tissue.

MS: Poor Joe, are you on your way out?

JB: the issue of respect is important and is a kind of attitude or virtue I build in my life. Sure, I slip and feel sorry or a little depressed when stumbling through change like COVID-19.

MS: We are surviving this pandemic.

JP: Yes, many people like me are stepping up to work, or self isolate. Everyone is struggling with this crisis. Sure it is distracting when media and public figures misbehave when times are bad. I want to help.

MS: Then fix this mess we are in right now.

JB: No, if there are people out there like me, considering doing harm, in the name of ‘the greater good’, think again, it may not help when the group pressures and demands the impossible, but it does not help to cave to societies bullying habits or to act out in society in an attempt to get back at the group or society at large.

MS: Way to go Joe.

JP: Not so fast buddy. Things are really serious and this kind of crisis can overwhelm anyone. Being a little more aware is a step in the right direction.

MS: Okay Joe, point taken.

From one cleaner to another…

To self isolate in our home is one thing we can do to beat corona.

To clean our home is another.

Being in an unsanitary ‘confined space’ is inviting to corona.

I sanitize all the hard surfaces that people touch on the regular bases: door knobs, mail boxes, table tops, etc.

You do the same.

I keep these common areas clean in condominiums throughput the city.

You keep your home clean.

I sanitize all the tools I use to clean: myself, my vehicle, my house, my cleaning tools. And I do this each day after use.

I wear basic personal protective equipment when I clean: gloves.

You need to wear disposable gloves when you clean.

Like washing our hands each day after meals or any activity, Saitization is also a good idea.

Stay safe, stay clean: sanitize your personal space.