‘With a Little Help from My Friends’

Helping women help women is like helping others help others.

We are all in this together.

What is the big secret?

Menopause periods.

Let’s listen and learn: please support the effort by watching the vid.

Know Thyself


Learn about using your food to have a healthier life style.

Atoms really are the building blocks that will show kids and us less educated people, how to loose unwanted weight.

Here is a fun, vid that makes the point as quickly as humanly possible.

Don’t sell yourself short, it is never to late to learn new information to help us be better people.

The Best Course Of Action

The dilemma can be as clear as mud.

Self isolating is an art form.

Physical distancing is like walking through a maze.

A pandemic is way to strange.

A short time ago, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic.

Now the world is joined together by a common course of action to stop this dreaded virus from taking any more lives from us.

Our common goal is to save lives and protect society from itself.

We are social animals but we must take drastic action that will seem draconian to people.

Don’t give up the fight, play it by ear, and do the best you can to ‘do no harm’.

The Moral Cunundrum

Surely, there is an ethical question that will bring life on Center stage for all to see.

The love of wisdom seems promising, who would be so keen on a subject less real to most and too real for the chosen few.

But wait, do you want to be a philosopher, are you aware of the choice?

Do you love life, love to love, love happiness?

Along the way, the chosen few, philosophical types will try to carry a message to the world when they need it most!

A moral problem has popped up , covid19 , ‘to be or not to be’, what is the best course of action?

Donald D. Hoffman | University of California, Irvine

Donald D. Hoffman | University of California, Irvine
— Read on www.cogsci.uci.edu/~ddhoff/

Here is his link if anyone is interested in cutting edge science.

I support different difficult theories in science because it is best to leave no stone unturned for the best possible future for humanity.

This guy is doing important work, that may take a while to be useful.

But if it becomes helpful in a preventative way, it may be a worthwhile investment or perhaps his crazy off the wall idea is going to produce some valid scientific outcome.

I’ve spent a great deal of my time exploring his ‘hard problem of consciousness’ and will resist speculation, opinion or here say. He has lots to say on the topic.

Please support the effort.

Menopause is…

In the vid bellow, men and women are invited to learn about brain health.

All health is important to humanity.

To dispel stigma, myths and superstition it helps to learn together and support needed changes in society.

Learn how menopause is brain health.

Please support the effort, and engage with health issues that need our continued help and support.

Hearsay, Public Opinion And Speculation

Using philosophy to solve a problem is something people may like to use in these uncertain times.

The Hellenistic Age is chalked full of wisdom from Socrates, Plato and the Stoic Seneca.  Logic was overthrown then by a form of Hedonism, with variations on the theme, ‘eat, drink and be merry’!

It seems history is going to repeat itself during the Covid-19 Age.

Yet, there are other ways to work out problems.

Science is wildly popular today with the use of predictive science methods that basically gets results that work.

We have had more success with science in the last 200 years than by using any other method.

And, here in B.C., we are having some measure of success with Dr. Bonnie Henry’s methods.  She even goes beyond science at times with catch phrases that amount to ‘do no harm’.

Stay safe and practice social distancing!