Yes, it is worse than the flu: busting the coronavirus myths | World news | The Guardian

The truth about the protective value of face masks and how easy it is to catch Covid-19
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The Covid-19 must be serious or you would not be reading this on my blog.

Caution is the watch word, I am using about the article above.

Yet, some information is good.

It may be a good idea to respect this new virus and to get ahead of it by coming out with a vaccine.

And to keep fear under control by using what our medical authority can provide.

Children and elderly are usually more at risk than the rest of the population.

However, the disabled and immune system of some individuals need more assistance than most of us.

Don’t treat anyone unfairly because of your possible fears regarding the unfolding situation.

And please don’t dwell on the issue.

It is always good to chit chat with people we trust.

Stay tuned and informed, education is key.

Please support the effort.

25 Friday Work Memes to Help You Get to the Weekend | Fairygodboss

These Friday work memes will help you get through the last few hours of the work week and take on the weekend.
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Get in the headspace to do it, but play it by ear.

Have fun at whatever you do, unless it is unbearable.

Perhaps, ask for a little help to get through the day.

Keep the day simple and don’t blame yourself or others.

Keep a steady flow and take all your breaks.

Enjoy whatever works for you!

Mini-moon: Earth has pulled an asteroid into its orbit

Mini-moon: Earth has pulled an asteroid into its orbit
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Captured by earth, but for how long?


A King, who struggled a great deal, yet seemed to improve the outcomes of the times.

His people affected our lives much more than we know or remember .

Just think of the Royal Family, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Canada, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, second in line to thrones of Canada, the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms,

We may not think in formal ways about such things,

But it may be hove us to consider more informal relationships the Royals had/have on everyday people like ourselves by looking at Kings like George VI.

The rally he was able to make during those uncertain times may have created this very unlikely outcome of the Second World War.

For The Love Of Life

A jewel reflects the beauty in each moment the way breath is the beauty found in each moment of life.

To live beyond mere survival is an opportunity worth pursuing wth every breath you take.

Live each moment like it is your last, in a life loving way.

A life loving way requires a teacher to point out the way and a student to learn what he is taught.

Living ‘the way’ teacher taught is the true love of wisdom: true philosophy

The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep

The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep
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Sleep Medicine is worth investing the time to read the above article.

Education is key because this is new.

Sleep research and study has really only been done since the 40’s.

Like most stuff, people tend to wait till their back is up against the wall.

But there is help.

Learning about how to sleep or use your body is like writing your own user guide and a good place to start is as easy as clicking on the link above.