To be conscious is a state of mind.

To choose to be aware is helpful in learning new habits.

To decide to do no harm is a moral decision which can become enhanced through research, reading, writing, journaling, rehearsal, reviewing, recording and reassessment.

To define terms is important.

To experience is the best teacher.

Do all the above and keep in mind, ‘do no harm’.

To live is to learn, laugh and become self aware-in a good way.

A Scary Side Of Alcohol

People are attracted to the lure of alcohol.

Unfortunately, alcohol can effect many systems in the human body.

To stop, for some, is the best medicine.

If you want to see what all the ranting is about, please watch the documentary.

Generation Z

We are all connected at the heart or in need of it.

What does that mean?

In a word compassion, stick with that kind of person.

Be that kind of person.

Today and tomorrow we need generation Z.

I bet you do too, especially all those building relationships.

So, yes, some of us don’t see the connections because we are at the generational crossroads and are stuck seeing only the difference.

But I for one, want to admit, I owe every generation Z a big apology and am very sorry for my lack of compassion and support.

And my hope is that people watch this vid, if for no other reason than awareness.

So, please become aware, support Gen Z.

We all support life!

Beat The Winter Blues, Clean Up!

I am going to start my day, the same as any other…

The only difference is that I am going to work for myself.

I envision a workday of visiting and talking to relatives, meals and chores, not necessarily in that order.

I will get an hour walk, pick up groceries (remember cash back and ask for loonies for laundry).

My goal is to visit mom around 9-10AM.

Head home and cook chicken and the rest of my lunch (carrots and potatoes with a chocolate dessert).

Do laundry, take out garbage, do hand wash (silk pillow cases: improves sleep quality!). Do dishes (while listen to some hot Jazz), vacuum, clean bathroom (probably use beats blue tooth with “Extreme Ways” blaring in my ears).

What else? I will need to fit in a call to my sister, ad lib any other social interactions or situations…

You get the idea, I will be too busy to be ‘blue’. How about you?

Happy weekend!

P.S. I’m taking my relatives to the casino tomorrow, wish me luck (with them of course).