Lost In Space Tribute: Season 2 on Netflix

I am watching season 2.

I put it on today for about 5 minutes.

You know, the intro and the opening scene.

I can say I love it.

The first season sold me on the second.

A great production, wonderful cast, acting and special effects

Rebound, season 2 will be great.

I am loving it.

Check out the link for more info.



A Compassionate and kind Response To The Obesity Epidemic

Being bigger is not always being better.

But for better or worse, there is an obesity epidemic.

We need to listen and learn about this global problem.

You can start by becoming aware.

Education is key.

Please, watch the vid and support the effort.

10 Tangible Ways To Practice Self-Love—Lists, Rituals & More

What does self-love actually look like? These tangible practices are easy ways to practice it and can help you learn how to love yourself over time.
— Read on www.mindbodygreen.com/0-12428/10-wonderful-ways-to-practice-selflove.html

Love of life, the way to the good life.

Being in love, loving each other, finding love, a way to love, best friends and good times…

Emerging consciousness,

Just another way to know yourself…

Money, money, money…

It’s just money changing hands…

My good friend use to say this, he sincerely believed in giving like money does not exist.

He would give time, people, places and things.

It was more like sharing, ” Here, have some of this.” And he would pass over half of whatever money he had in his hands.

We can behave better, and this was his expression of being better with his cash.

I think this is a very old idea.

Imagine making this a tradition in your life.

I Just Called To Say I Love You


A time to be true, I love you.

No reason, no need to respond to my display.

A kind of fondness that means so much to me.

You would be kind to listen and be yourself.

I am not looking for your love, I just need to say how much I care.

Please, take care of you, and if you please, come spend an hour or two with me.

A chance to work our loneliness without too many excuses.

Take care.



We are isolated by our devices.

We are isolated by less family responsibility and contact with community and religion.

We are infected by technology.

Education is key.

Become aware and support the effort.