We need to dream, think, believe and be conscious…

How do we believe in God?

We need to argue with Him.

We need God to be conscious.

We need to live the ‘good life’.

We need to argue to be virtuous.

We need to choose to be good and practice to be our very best.

Then we win contentment and conscious of our life.

We learn to try and live each day like it is our last.

We fill our life fully this way and may even be content upon our own death.

38th Annual Island Farms Santa’s Light Parade – Downtown Victoria Business Association

38th Annual Island Farms Santa’s Light Parade – Downtown Victoria Business Association
— Read on downtownvictoria.ca/event/38th-annual-island-farms-santas-light-parade/

Let’s get into the pre-parade jitters, 4:05 PM. Start at 5, all the best spots are taken, people filling in, floats all lined up, making last minute changes and running for hot cocoa!

The media doesn’t know what to do while awaiting checks and balances with equipment and staff.

Some seats sit vacant awaiting occupancy…

An hour to go.

4:30PM, not a lot of spaces left.

Starting to darken, should be good for pics tonight, 30 minutes to go.

The countdown continues, 4:45 PM, definitely getting dark, city street lights just turned on.

Is it okay to listen to Christmas carols, boring, 15 more minutes.

It’s not too late, 4:51PM, you can still make it down, standing room only!

Here we go!

If you can make it down, it is still going strong… Maybe next year!!

The Deep Fear That Makes Us Turn to Mister Rogers

Why do we keep summoning Mister Rogers? And why is now the time for a feature film about his influence?
— Read on greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/deep_fear_that_makes_us_turn_to_mister_rogers

To be kind

To be gentle

To be good

Faithful,self controlled, patient,

In a word, ‘virtuous’

Deeply, lovingly…

Deep Love Of Wisdom

Everybody loves to know, understand and be understood or be understanding.

The problem is one of balance and use.

Philosophy speaks to this field of interest like it speaks to everything.

To think is like an argument and it helps to be very specific.

But it helps to be creative in what we say and do.

All of this can be applied to everyday living or anything.

Obviously the more one practices these arts, the better the outcomes.

Think like an experiment in well being.

Set your terms of reference and balance this with your other faculty of being creative.

Apply this to your life as a means to some kind of end or outcome.

Be philosophical about your life.

Rebel In DRC


There is an ongoing mix of violence in the DRC.

Not only the Ebola Outbreak of August 2018, but also the rebel conflict emerging in the region from Uganda.

The UN Peacekeeping and Congolese Military continues to secure the area.

Awareness is key, please support the effort.

Ebola Outbreak DRC


The civil war in Congo is part of the complexity, ongoing violence makes any response difficult.

Amid the violence, UN peacekeepers and Congolese military attempt to secure the city and region.

This Ebola outbreak started in August 2018, but full recovery is being hindered by this regions war.

Awareness is key, please support the effort.