My Space And Proxemics

A blog is a kind of public space that is very intimate due to the effects of social media.

“My Space” is personal in that I am using my creativity to create a product.

Once it is in the public domain, I have less control over it.

This is a social experiment, to bring content to the reader.

As I become more familiar with the study of my personal space, I will add and take away elements that detract from the product I am posting on this blog.

Anthropology and the study of human behaviour, personal space in particular, is called proxemics.

Stress and Personal Space – When People Invade Your Privacy

Remembrance Day 2019

A day to remember and show respect to those who gave and served to protect us from those who would harm us in a war or conflict.

We may also remember serving others during a war or conflict to protect them from those who would harm them.

Please become aware of each other’s customs and concerns.

Terms Of Reference For Porn

? What does it mean:  Porn?



nounindecency, immorality; vulgarism

All the above are directly taken from a dictionary to express the form of pornography.
A domain or a field that represents an image is sometimes confused or misrepresented without a specific terms of reference.
Does this help?


To reach beyond my home culture.

Let me list the area:  central America, south America, Africa, Green Land, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Indonesia, Middle East, and so much more…

To be bound by land and culture is sometimes the problem.

To learn about the other is the objective.

To study through research, reading, writing and more.

To experience and reach out for more.

There is a way to become more and be a part of the world I already am.

The Benefits Of Dying

  • health
  • survivor’s pension
  • the spiritual benefits of dying
  • after a death
  • medical assistance in dying
  • the dying process
  • signs of a dying person
  • the dying experience

the benefits of walking it off,

Okay, we are all going to die someday.

And we all need to face the bullet topic of the inevitable listed above.

But not today.

When, and only when you are ready.

Start, by thinking about death and dying at your own pace.

A little goes a long way, prevention (of death) is the only goal.

Epicureans And Academics

God is dead.

Pleasure is good.

Although the domain reaches from the edge of stoicism to the edge of Atheism,

It is unacceptable to proper use of impressions.

Much like God is unacceptable to Atheism.

The academics are much more subtle in there antinaturalism and Atheism.

They both preach neutrality, and acceptance of other.

The logic is sound, but the expression of passion is mute.

Surely, the experience leaves much to be desired in real life.