The Art Of Dialogue

  1. If someone does not know, is heading in the wrong direction, you may point out the right direction, then walk away.
  2. Don’t be tedious with speech.  Be considerate with what you say and do.
  3. Never turn dialogue into argument or introduce anger or meanness, tolerate mistakes and walk away from a fight.
  4. Stop quarrels with diplomacy.
  5. Take care of yourself and others to avoid or recover from errors of judgement.  This is a singular distinction made by those people who make good philosophers.  Don’t tell them what to do, show them through the Socratic  Method or a means that will not cause a bunch to your nose!

Marathon: Writing, Reading and Research

Is it even worth discussing in today’s shortening attention spans?

Perhaps these professionals are into learning more than the average person.

Perhaps we are more repulsed by hard learning and hard work.

I might find the marathon idea of interest.

What do I do well and wouldn’t object to doing marathon fashion?

Writing, photography and philosophy…

How about you?

What We Do – Living Edge Community

Living Edge demonstrates compassion and care for the needs of those living in poverty in Victoria, BC with free groceries, meals, and more.
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Food bank line ups are getting longer in Victoria, B.C.

And compassion can be sorely wanting in this local.

Sometimes ( Thursday) the parking can be a challenge.

Many working poor have cars and flock to get fresh fruit and vegetables.

In the thick of things emotions may run high.

But the people need food.

Become aware of what may occur in the neighborhood.

Awareness of living is a good thing.

Magnesium Benefits, Dosage, Best Food Sources, Side Effects – Dr. Axe

A magnesium deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency. Find out about magnesium benefits, recommended dosages, best supplements and food sources.
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Always good to keep a good diet to receive the proper nutrients in the body.

Awareness is key.

Please read the above article to become informed about this important nutrient.

10 Spooky Halloween Facts (That You Might Not Know)

Witches, black cats, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating — take the seasonal spookiness to the next level with our fun Halloween facts
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Okay, only spooky fact people care about knowing all ten Halloween facts, but almost everyone is willing to listen, read and watch all things about this fun filled holiday celebration!

Work, Work, Work

‘The daily grind’ as apprised as this negative saying sounds, may surprise some people.

It helps express unwanted change in daily routines and feeling that are really hard to process day in and day out.

But for the most part life slides by much like streaming tends to flow..

So finding purpose and meaning requires doing some homework.

Get connected in all your affairs and see if meaning and purpose will come to a better conclusion.

Peaople and being with them in warm-hearted, friendly ways are better than judgement al ways.

Try it at work tomorrow, see if it helps or hurts.

The Four Seasons

I am fortunate to be listening to an old favourite of mine.

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons by Tafelmusik-Jeanne Lamon. Sony Music 1992.

I have a copy of the CD as well as this digital copy in my library.

It is a great pleasure to hear it tonight after all these years, 2014, no 2010? When did I last remark in my journal? It is a pleasure to note it here.

Trendsmap SthAfrica (@TrendsSthAfrica) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Trendsmap SthAfrica (@TrendsSthAfrica). Real-time South Africa Twitter trends. South Africa
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What’s up?

A Kind Randomness

The information of this moment reads like a list: me, being kind, you not so much, this device making random irritating sound, white noise from the bathroom.

To dwell on my kindness read about it on wiki.

Autumn 2019

The end of a month is coming near,

The day is clear and air is crisp,

The changes are all in Colour and are littered among dead leaves,

The mornings and evenings are fighting with winter,

Animals are still fighting with food for hibernation.

Another passing season readable within all the fine print.

Happy Halloween!