Is There A Way Tech Can Save The Planet?

It looks like some heavy hitters believe it is possible.

Huge Beatles Fan

A local radio station is using the big Beatles event to play other rock songs about ‘road’ to exploit the 50th Anniversary Of “Abbey Road”.

Am I bad?

The Latest Uptate From UN

Today is all about how the cyber crime affects everyone,

And the slow improvements being made with the Ebola Outbreak,

And how we still need to be careful,,,

Please support the effort

WHO | Influenza update – 350

WHO | Influenza update – 350
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The flu season will be here soon and some people will take a flu shot, some will follow WHO flu reports and others will support and become aware of ongoing flu changes.

Please support flu awareness and the effort to cope with ongoing changes.

If You Could Eat Beauty She Would Be Chocolate Coated and Spiced With Loneliness On The Inside

Of course she opens the door, smiles and says hello, with just a touch of surprise and amusement.

She wonders about everything, very curious and loves to sing and dance.

Just now, while you worked by her door, she spied you, through the peek hole. She saw the fierce intensity of your gaze, and then you were gone.

Oh, she heard you come out and back.

She wondered, on her side of the door, what kind of a man you are.

But you didn’t say a word to her, but Hello.

She is still wondering what you think, especially about her door sign.

She has no doubt you know something about it, it reads ‘speak friend and enter’.

Bringing Reality Home

Truth is beauty, beauty truth, that makes all the difference.

Truth is a reflection of reality

Beauty a reflection of truth.

When we get confused we obscure them both.

How can we maintain our dignity and hope ?

To see is to reflect as we struggle to live with harsher reality.

Bring home reality each day in whichever fashion you deem fit.

And live to do it another day!

4 times peace helped reduce poverty

4 times peace helped reduce poverty
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Poverty and peace are uniquely associated with each other.

To reduce poverty is a way to show peace,

Regardless of the cause, both stem together and while everyone agrees with eliminating poverty, not enough of us peaceful types are banning together to eliminate the problem.

Fighting for a peaceful planet is like fighting to reduce and eliminate poverty.

There are so many people who want to help improve peace on a global scale and give up poverty.

Many of the poor will do both, we just need to help them with supporting their dignity and making money available to them.

Why not support the effort by reading the article on this link?