Living The Dream

Many will inspire you: Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Emily Car, Mahatma Gandhi, and much more difficult people to follow (Epictetus, Mary Magdalene).

Every present day culture or country leads by example, making daily compromises and making individual and collective choices.

To intentionally live through the principles of freedom, personal choice and democracy to name only a few.

To intentionally work out conflict and violence to live a more loving and creative life.

Inner peace is one quality of mind that is essential and requires an ongoing commitment to obtain at best in a peace meal way.

Inner peace is lost when violent and intent on destruction.

Part of the solution is to work for better peace in ones own life and for the same in others who share in these principles for peace or preaching nonviolence.

Antonio Vivaldi

“The Four Seasons “, no doubt the most popular of the composer’s work.

A man of means, a priest and musician, a talented violinist and businessman.

The survival of his music today is a testament to the joy still felt by music lovers internationally.

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian
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Africa gives more than she receives,

Is extraordinary and believes,

Listens, looks, and thinks of gifts both great and small,

People live close to the ground,

They never crave someone or something because they give good will and make meetings count.

The love of Africa is expansive, over 1 billion people strong,

A young vibrant community with many languages, countries (54), and culture.

There is a fast growing place with more opportunities than anyone can believe.

That is why there is so much coaxing to come and see.

Visit a big beautiful place with many mysteries and wonders.

Moving to Africa? 10 Things You Need to Know

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when you’re moving to Africa, 3 tips from expats living overseas, and a list of things to take to the African continent.
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There is always more to see and learn, one option is Africa.

To be with people to experience more than what you know may take a move.

Don’t let fear stop you from reading and seeing new people and other places.

Today is a good time to think about a move to Africa.

Culture of Africa – Wikipedia

Culture of Africa – Wikipedia
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A country to see to believe and a people to join with great respect.

A big part of the world with a great big body of knowledge and experience.

A home to many people.

Ebola and the ongoing global health emergency that no one is noticing | TechCrunch

On Wednesday the World Health Organization declared the ongoing — and now year-old — Ebola outbreak a global health emergency.
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Multimedia is trying to wake up the world to the ‘global health emergency ‘ to no avail.

A compromise is brewing to find alternatives that will never be as good as a collective method.

However, some response is better than none, and the growing situation in Africa needs us to support the effort.

Human Brain Diseases List – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Myths and fears can prolong the lack of awareness of any disease.

Perhaps, this list can start educational awareness of brain disease.

To ‘feel the fear but do it anyway’, is a good way to connect the dots.

Becoming open minded about things out of our control.

Brain Disease And The Medication Used To Help The Opioid Crisis

People need strong medical treatment to recover from Opioid Addiction.

People need medical treatment.

People are at risk, many get sick.

Please, support the effort.

The Plight Of Getting It Right

Every new habit has its ups and downs,

But TV watching is a pseudonym for alcoholic without drinking in self destruct mode, but watching anything in self destruct mode!

I need to eat 3 meals a day, sleep 7 hours, work 8 hours and travel for an hour= 24 hours – 19 hours=5 hours

5 hours to live the good life each day.

But one hour is spent preparing for the next day. That leaves 4 hours watching TV.

After 50 years of viewing 4 hours a day, I have spent 20 or so years trying to change this bad habit.

Being addicted to TV 📺 is a slow suicide!

I have a plan to do something else each day. I am replacing it with playing guitar, listening to music, exercise, waking, going to the library, journaling, reading and writing, learning and much much more…

Anything but TV!

What is your poison?

Give it up.

I am one to talk.

The Clean

Packing up the vehicle with all the goodies: portable vacuum, cleaning supplies in tray, mop, water, extra cloths and bulk chemicals.

Keeping it all together with communications and driving and dealing with unforeseen difficulties.

Arriving at Apartments to clean all common areas.

Spending the time and effort do get the job ✅

Getting out of the way of residents, pets, fellow service people while doing a full clean.

Doing the vacuuming, windows, elevator, storage room, recycling room, changing the light bulbs, cleaning every nook and cranny: baseboards and heaters, doors and handles, stains and spots on walls and carpets and more…

Dealing with complaints, front office, property management, orders of all kinds, an ongoing saga.

Just another day in a light duty cleaner.