3 Crucial Ways to Set Boundaries at Work

3 Crucial Ways to Set Boundaries at Work
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Guilty as charged, a mistake in judgement can lead to unwanted stress and work.

Say ‘no’ when it is a responsibility.

It’s cool to have the weekend off, but make it a rule if you need the days.

In fact, take off regular days whenever you need them.

But be available for OT when it doesn’t become a needless conflict.

Look after your job like you look after ever aspect in your life.

Emotional Awareness


know thyself, educate the self, conscious being,

Too much ignorance and a lack of self control can lead to doing harm to yourself and others.

A healthy practice of awareness can begin the journey to finding a better way to live day to day.

Aliveness will be generated as curiosity ignited education leads to better living for you and the relatedness you possess for others.

Open the mind to all kinds of intelligent behaviour and knowledge.

Living The Dream


Many will inspire you: Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Emily Car, Mahatma Gandhi, and much more difficult people to follow (Epictetus, Mary Magdalene).

Every present day culture or country leads by example, making daily compromises and making individual and collective choices.

To intentionally live through the principles of freedom, personal choice and democracy to name only a few.

To intentionally work out conflict and violence to live a more loving and creative life.

Inner peace is one quality of mind that is essential and requires an ongoing commitment to obtain at best in a peace meal way.

Inner peace is lost when violent and intent on destruction.

Part of the solution is to work for better peace in ones own life and for the same in others who share in these principles for peace or preaching nonviolence.

Antonio Vivaldi


“The Four Seasons “, no doubt the most popular of the composer’s work.

A man of means, a priest and musician, a talented violinist and businessman.

The survival of his music today is a testament to the joy still felt by music lovers internationally.

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian

10 things Africa has given the world | Africa | The Guardian
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Africa gives more than she receives,

Is extraordinary and believes,

Listens, looks, and thinks of gifts both great and small,

People live close to the ground,

They never crave someone or something because they give good will and make meetings count.

The love of Africa is expansive, over 1 billion people strong,

A young vibrant community with many languages, countries (54), and culture.

There is a fast growing place with more opportunities than anyone can believe.

That is why there is so much coaxing to come and see.

Visit a big beautiful place with many mysteries and wonders.

Moving to Africa? 10 Things You Need to Know

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when you’re moving to Africa, 3 tips from expats living overseas, and a list of things to take to the African continent.
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There is always more to see and learn, one option is Africa.

To be with people to experience more than what you know may take a move.

Don’t let fear stop you from reading and seeing new people and other places.

Today is a good time to think about a move to Africa.