Rambo brings light to human rights violations


The civilian unrest is an ongoing problem.

Perhaps, Hollywood movies are not the right venue to enlighten the public, but more awareness is key.

Return to conflict again and again to support humanitarian efforts to help eliminate human suffering that is sad and terrible at the same time.

Complex situations the world over deserve our attention, but Burma is a long-standing conflict that continues to take lives and create conflicts.

Please become aware and support the effort.

Inner Love

Another words, kindness and compassion to stop your war within…

To develop a contentment to be at peace with yourself and others.

To define yourself and others by those inner boundaries that we see within ourselves to be who we are in a safe and healthy manner.

This is not a definition but a description within ourselves led and followed by whomever chooses to live with love among themselves and others.



Big topic with little room for accuracy.

The closest word to describe the idea is

a kind of ‘contentment ‘,whether the relationship is successful or the thing or place is acquired or visited.

The whole idea that love needs to be different seems to be more a way to organize it rather than experience it.

Sometimes, understanding gets in the way of experience, maybe not, try reading about it.

WHO hails new DRC aid in fight against Ebola

The WHO says the renewed pledges of financial aid raised hopes the Ebola epidemic could be restrained after the outbreak was declared an international emergency earlier this month.
— Read on www.trtworld.com/africa/who-hails-new-drc-aid-in-fight-against-ebola-28584

Renewed pledges of financial aid appear to be promised for the Ebola outbreak.

The stress occurring during the Ebola outbreak makes financial aid and governance of the area of extreme importance.

Many complex decisions affect many on the ground.

Please stay informed and support the effort while the steak holders make the best decision under challenging circumstances.

Who Owes This Body Of Mine?

My body is a responsibility to care for to the best of my ability.

The tissue is mine.

So is my mind.

Belief may send the answer to sunder.

In all cases, belief is final.

I may be wrong, my soul may belong to another.

But until I am told or shown differently, it is all mine.


Community Living

People like to love, work and live in a sustainable community.

In today’s society, the rat race has forced some to think beyond the norm and look for outlets in their relationships with others:  cooperatives, joining clubs and doing and being more involved in the local community.

Some may go into more challenging situation like “Sustainable Culture”.

Check out the following website for alternative community living.

Visions of Utopia – Experiments in Sustainable Culture

Although most of society will always be part of some kind of community, it is unlikely we will become more involved with neighbours, service work, or another form of volunteer work.

We live in a diverse community with amazing opportunities.

Please support the effort.


The 8 Best Pens for Lefties in 2019

Read reviews and buy the best pens for lefties from top manufacturers, including Uni-Ball, Yoropen, Stabilo and more.
— Read on www.thebalancesmb.com/best-pens-for-lefties-4156552

The implication of writing with a pen are numerous for lefties.

3 Crucial Ways to Set Boundaries at Work

3 Crucial Ways to Set Boundaries at Work
— Read on www.google.ca/amp/s/www.themuse.com/amp/advice/3-crucial-ways-to-set-boundaries-at-work

Guilty as charged, a mistake in judgement can lead to unwanted stress and work.

Say ‘no’ when it is a responsibility.

It’s cool to have the weekend off, but make it a rule if you need the days.

In fact, take off regular days whenever you need them.

But be available for OT when it doesn’t become a needless conflict.

Look after your job like you look after ever aspect in your life.

Emotional Awareness


know thyself, educate the self, conscious being,

Too much ignorance and a lack of self control can lead to doing harm to yourself and others.

A healthy practice of awareness can begin the journey to finding a better way to live day to day.

Aliveness will be generated as curiosity ignited education leads to better living for you and the relatedness you possess for others.

Open the mind to all kinds of intelligent behaviour and knowledge.