Epictetus: words of the messengers

If you know you are alive, I think one would never harbour any hatred for oneself.

Pride, no one would be able to endure your conceit.

These two elements we have in common: our bodies are like the animals, our minds are like the gods.

So don’t dwell in the body, a much nobler attitude comes from the mind.

Don’t set yourself to compete for meat, fight or flight, sit and stare…

But rather, dream, talk, laugh, and dance.

Love and be courageous and be prideful of who you are!

Traveling With A Sibling? 6 Tips To Travel By!

  1. We have our preferences: she likes to drink and I like to drink water. I eat vegetables and she eats meat and cheese. We both need solitude after a day in the crowds. We are both early birds.
  2. Practice: she will be down for mom’s b-day. So go out together. Travel around our hometown!
  3. Go with the flow: if she wants to stop, stop together. If I want to get started, lead and she will follow.
  4. Compromise: travel will challenge us all. We argue, we pout, we hold grudges. Know your limits, stay within it. Set expectations and stick to them. We have this one, we know each other.
  5. Just be free. We know each other inside out. Take it easy, communicate, play lead and follower.
  6. We need our solitude. After a day in the crowds, when we reach our limit, go back to the flat to crash, watch some TV, munch out, have a drink or two, get your alone time!
  • I think we are ready, we have our luggage and passports, wallets etc.
  • I think we are going to Hawaii!

“We are all homeless, on the road, going home.”


Along the way, the mistakes we make, may make us all a little different.

I got sick a few times on the road: middle ear virus knocked me down for 6 months, other problems with people upset me and skin tag turned out to be melanoma, but I have been cancer free for a month.

There are lots of smaller mistakes that set people further along home.

Weather I get home from big or small mistakes, I believe I will do my best.

Passing on home, when it is really my place to go, will take me to a better place.

I plan to do my best to learn from my mistakes, celebrate differences and give back while I still have the opportunity.

It is great to have a chance to live life regardless of any mistake.

I love my culture and need to embrace it fully to live this good life.

The Meaningful Dream

Lucid dreams or dreams we remember , may express the value of sleep.

The unconscious and conscious seem to visit our dreams.

Many times we seem to solve problems and recover from mixed experiences, right down to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ways of being.

As we become aware of our dreams, we can direct outcomes, or have visions, auditory or visual hallucinations.

Our imagination is expressed in our dreams.

We can begin to uncover patterns of belief, images, and purposes.

There are many famous people and books to teach and guide our visions.

We may want to learn  and practice making visions as a method to find self-improvement.


The Source Of All Safety Is Within

Through meditation, any student can be taught to find safety inside themselves.

Don’t run, don’t fight, don’t look for it outside yourself…

To make this immense safety, a lot of baggage needs to be stopped released from use.

To grow enough through meditation, the practice will diminish instant gratification.

And slowly, the consequences of poor judgement will release you from your bad habits or consequences.

So, sincerely, systematically, sustained enthusiasm…

If you can practice, you will transform your view of life, find inner peace and compassion.

You will learn to have an experience that you are part of a vast consciousness.

Your culture will show you the way to a good life.

Your attitudes will grow to allow you a very healthy lifestyle and belief system.

This is sometimes called ‘doing no harm’ or ‘living the good life’.

Invest In Yourself

Life’s consequences begin with instant gratification.

Don’t do it.

Learn to be a great communicator, get a mentor or teacher and practice reading, writing, and blogging, researching and talking to others.  An acting class would help.  Keeping a journal or diary is a good idea.

Dream, get enough sleep, learn to daydream, be creative.

Think, talk to yourself, use your inner voice.

Spend the time to take care of your life and loved ones.

Be organized and do your homework:  set up a schedule to study, exercise and eat well.

Learn to manage all your affairs in a healthy way.

How to Invest in Yourself: 10 Life-Changing Ways to See Big Returns


Beautiful Truth

A reflection is an impression of the inner peace.

A flower among healthy weeds on a calm day.

The picture is still, silent and beautiful.

Seeing yourself in this picture may bring on a meditation that can evoke some inner peace.

Using yourself to build an innermost experience with a calm, still, silent time is important.

Finding a balance with power

To know or be aware of power,

Forms like “nuclear”,

Taking responsibility for your power or influence is an important aspect of believing in the best way to be yourself.

Using your power or any power in an ethical way,

Having a good student and teacher relationship.

Doing no harm within your culture or outside of it.

Earning your inner peace through proven methods in a way that takes care of yourself in a complex time.